Which is the most recommended medicine for ED cure?



Are you suffering from ED or impotence and have chosen to go with the use of medicines to cure the problem?

There are a lot of medicines with different active substances or generic components in them that can help you to have erections. Now, with so many medicine brands it always comes to your mind first- which is the best medicine that will cure my ED for sure?

Here we will give you an idea of how the best pills can help you to cure your ED and the factors you need to keep an eye on while choosing among so many medicines.

If you want to know about the different types of medicines available and which one is the best for you then you have come to the right place.

Which are the most popular medicine brands available in the market?

There are many popular brands in the market such as Viagra, Cialis, Penegra, Levitra, Stendra, etc.

Now one thing that you have to understand here is that there is a generic ingredient that is also the chief ingredient of the medicines and this helps you to cause erections.

These generic substances are different for different medicines but each generic substance is also popular in the market with different brand names.

What are the most common generic substances for curing ED?

If you talk of the most common generic substances then they have to be Sildenafil that has numerous brand names some of which are prescription medicines while others being OTC medicines that don’t require you to validate a doctor’s prescription before buying.

For example, Viagra generic Sildenafil is a medicine that is a prescription medicine while Kamagra also containing generic Sildenafil is a low-cost OTC medicine.

Apart from this, there is another substance called Tadalafil that is also popular with different brand names such as Tadacip 20 Tablets.

Apart from these two most common generic substances that are used extensively in the manufacturing of ED pills, there are some other generic substances too that are not that highly popular. But as you will be using the medicines for a long time and there is no such thing as one generic substance that is ideal for all here are some of the other generic names for curing ED- Vardenafil and Avanafil.


Which is the best of the lot?

When it comes to choosing the best ED pill the answers might vary. There is no such thing as the best pill or even the best generic substance that can cure ED for all. This is why you have to go to a doctor for finding out which generic substance and which brand to use for maximum positive results.

Of course, if you talk of extensively used medicines names such as Viagra, Penegra, and Sildiptop will come at the top.

But why is there no such pill that can effectively cure ED in all men? This is because some internal conditions are unique to each person or ED patient and thus the dosages and brand preferences might vary.

What factors do you have to keep in mind while choosing an ED medicine pill?

So what are the things that you might want to know about while choosing the best ED pill?


Regardless of which is the best ED pill in the market you should consume them regularly if you fall between the age brackets of 18-64 years of age.

How severe is your ED?

Consider the severity level of your ED that can be mild, moderate, or severe. Higher severity ED will require a higher dose for medicines too.

Are you allergic to the substance or not?

The reason why there is no such one magical ED pill for all is that some patients are allergic to some medicines like Caverta 100 or even Silditop. This is why they have to go with different brands or change to another generic substance altogether.

What is the tolerance level for the generic substance?

Some people might have very little tolerance and thus they have to be recommended the lighter doses for avoiding the side effects. For those who have better tolerance to generic Sildenafil pills like Penegra, they can be recommended the higher doses.

Cause of the underlying problem

ED can be triggered due to various physical or psychological problems. And if you are suffering from any major instances of disorders from the heart, kidney, liver, or even lungs you should maintain precaution while choosing the ideal medicine brand for your ED.

How do the best medicines for ED get you a hard erection?

Now, that you have somewhat an idea of the most common brands and generic substances used widely for curing ED let’s also know how do the best ED pills get you an erection?

Do all ED pills work the same way?

One of the things that must surprise you is the fact that you might be surprised to hear that all ED pills regardless of which brand or generic substance that they contain work in the same way.

Yes, whether you are talking about Tadacip 20 or Viagra that contain two different generic ingredients Tadalafil and Sildenafil respectively both work in the same way. Even this is also true for other generic substances such as Avanafil and Vardenafil.

All these generic substances belong to a common category of medicine called PDE-5 hormone inhibitors and all of them have cause erections by ultimately increasing the blood flow.

How do the ED pills work exactly?

Taking a pill of Caverta 100 or any ED pill will have an immediate negative effect on the secretion of PDE-5 hormones. This ultimately stops the entire release of the hormone.

cGMP hormone which would normally be inhibited due to the action of PDE-5 hormones comes into play and starts releasing.

Eventually, this triggers nitric oxide that has a calming effect on the blood vessels. Due to this, the blood flow to the penis increases, and this also increases the penis sensitivity to touches and sensations.

Can the use of the best medicines cure your ED completely?

In some instances, it has been noticed that only if the ED is mild then it can completely cure ED in the long run. Or else for severe cases of ED you have to keep taking the doses for Penegra or other ED pills regularly as they have only temporary effects.

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