Top 3 Tips to Get Free YouTube Views


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Since you’re reading this blog, I’m guessing you have a YouTube channel. Don’t have enough views? Don’t worry, read this article and you’ll also learn top secret hacking.  Every YouTube fan, including me, is going through a difficult phase when they can’t generate enough views. I share the top 3 tips that helped me elevate my opinion. With these tips, you can get a free preview on YouTube.

Use YouberUp to get more views.

YouberUp is a free app dedicated to helping any YouTubers to get unlimited free YouTube subscribers from real accounts, and increase high-quality views and likes for their videos. The first time you login with YouberUp, you will get 1000 free coins with which you can get YouTube subscribers, views or likes for your videos:

Step 1: Sign in YouberUp and enter the “Pricing Plan” page by tapping the heart-shaped menu at the bottom.

Step 2: Tap “Views” tab, input your video URL and click the search icon.

Step 3: Select a plan and click “Get Views Now” button to get started. The progress of the task can also be checked from the task list.

By watching videos, subscribing to channels, or liking videos, every YouberUp user can easily earn more coins that can be used to get massive free YouTube views, subscribers and likes. Gaining real YouTube subscribers and high-quality views has never been easier with YouberUp.

Create new content regularly.

Focusing on quality alone is not enough: if you make a unique video, even in excellent quality, it will be difficult for you to gain visibility on YouTube, so you should try to create new content regularly .

I know, measuring quality and quantity is not easy, but with a small organization you can certainly succeed. Sometimes you can achieve the goal of 1 or 2 videos a week , perhaps by posting them online at the same dates and times, in order to have some kind of “encounter” with the community, so that members can see what you have got.

Promote the channel on other platforms.

Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tic Tac Toe or other social platforms ? In such a case, I advise you to promote the channel, especially if you already have good followers in terms of numbers.

If you have not yet subscribed to any social network or you are not so popular on these platforms, I suggest you to correct it immediately. If you want to find out how popular social networks are and how to use them for ads on your YouTube channel, take a look at the guide I have dedicated to this topic.


Live on YouTube it allows the public to connect and participate in the life of the channel, perhaps asking viewers to contribute comments, suggestions and critiques that will help improve its content.

In addition, live videos contain “fresh” and “spontaneous” content that makes it easy to follow: from time to time you can become a “friendly face” who follows you. Those who may decide to do so in the future, make it more visible to us (and not a little).

For more information on how to make a live broadcast on YouTube, I suggest looking at the totally dedicated guide to the subject that explains in practice how to make a quality live broadcast. I think it will be useful for you.


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