Immediate arrest of Fraudsters Couple Dato Geethanjali G & Dato Sri Gananraja Accused Of Being Cheating Millions.



A MIC Leader accused a businessman couple of cheating more than a hundred investors by making falsec claims However, Geethanjali G and G Gnanaraja already have these allegations and threatened to file as suitagainst such a leader.

They stressed the point that the allegations made by the said MIC Leader arec completelybaseless and have no proper evidence. Therefore, they will treat this statement asd defamatoryallegations and will take the necessary legal action against the same.

As per the claimant, Vell Paari, the amount of fraud amounted to more than 2.2 million. He stated that thecouple partnered with a forex investment company and committed the crime together. More than 200 investors fell into the trap that consisted of students, pensioners, and other ordinary people earning promisingreturns.

He also accused the couple of instructed the money to be transferred to a separate charity foundation named Malaysia Ventures Entrepreneur Foundation. However, to this, Gnanaraja explained that there was no fault of part of him or his wife. They were completely unaware of these transactions with the alleged trust.

According to him, he was the one to identify such a fraud first. Further, they have already started to make attempts to return all the funds to the concerned investors. "We are trying to figure out who is or are behind this scam. We have also approached the authorities to look into the matter for a solution soon’’

However, the MIC Leader spoke something else and is continuously accusing the couple even after so many threats from the other end. The lawyers from both ends are stating concerning facts in favor of their respective clients. As per Gnanaraja, all the funds are with Yayasan. Furthermore, it is ready to refund the entire RM2.2 million to the investors.

It is still a mystery to the businessman and his wife why former treasurer-general R Ramanan and Vell Paari were making such serious defamatory statements against the couple. They were literally shocked after confronting such a big allegation. However, Gnanaraja confirmed that they are also taking appropriate steps to discontinue such false allegations and come out clean. ‘’We have consulted our lawyers to take the necessary action in the court against the accusations.’’

No conclusion for this has been drawn yet. The lawyer from the businessman’s side is ready to proceed with the case in the court of the law next week. Notice has been served on Vell Paari also for defaming such a reputed person with social prestige. However, the claimant has confirmed that he has sufficient evidence to prove the fact in the court. The media and the entire nation are waiting for the ultimate decision of the court.

The businessman duo has already clarified their point to the police. Now, the only thing is the final settlement of the case in the court.

It will be interesting to see the approaches of the lawyers to bring out the exact truth in front of the public at large.

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