From A Hundred Thousand Dollars Of Debt To Financial Freedom: Yan Stavisski Is The King Of Credit



After graduating from UC Berkeley with a double major in Finance and Marketing, Yan Stavisski applied to over 100 different jobs without success. He was a young college graduate without the high paying job he hoped for. Yan always had a desire to become an entrepreneur because he liked the idea of working on his own projects without anyone else able to boss him around.

Knowing the ins and outs of “Travel Hacking”, a method where Credit is leveraged to fly around the world on miles, Yan thought it would be a good idea to fund his ventures on Credit. His limit was right around 120K and started to rack up a tab. Not knowing the consequences, Yan got in over his head in debt. He found himself paying out more in interest than he was bringing in from his companies. The situation got so bad that at one more point in time, Yan was even getting sued. “In 6 months, I was in $82k worth of debt, paying over $4k in monthly interest on my debts”, said Yan. “I quickly let the debts get out of control to the point where I had nearly half of them going to collections ( I was even getting sued) and worst of all, my credit score dropped to a 490. This was my rock bottom.”

During this time, Yan was able to land a sales job at a tech company. Knowing he needed to get himself out of debt, Yan worked countless 60-80 hour weeks and eventually found himself at the top of the sales team within 3 months. Now making a stable income, Yan was able to pay off his debt, digging himself out of a deep hole. While digging himself out of debt, Yan made it a priority to learn more about Credit so he would never get himself into the same situation. “After 6 months, I learned secrets that basic education or even regular google searches would not teach and got my credit back to a 750ish from the low score of 490”, said Yan. “In addition to that I began to learn how I can leverage Credit for business purposes and this allowed me to get into some real estate deals simply using the knowledge I now had about leveraging the bank’s money. This was about the time I got my Credit straight but more importantly I cleared my debts and was now worth $0.”

Now being worth $0, Yan began a new venture in real estate. He funded small scale flips, finding success with each new deal he came across. Within months of clearing his debt, Yan made enough money to quit his job as a salesman. It was time for a second go at being an entrepreneur.

Yan founded King Credit LLC intending to help young entrepreneurs better understand how to leverage Credit. He started making educational content and posting it to his Instagram page since he knew that the platform had many younger users on it. Yan offers courses on Credit, how to use “Travel Hacking”, and just general entrepreneurial advice. He’s already helped thousands of people make steps towards financial freedom, looking to scale his business even further within the next coming months.

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