What should you expect from your ISP?



Life has changed significantly in the past two to three decades; things we did not know were important then have become an important necessity now. Back in the 90s, the internet was considered to be a luxury, and internet service providers charged a hefty premium amount for the basic connection type. Contrarily, today that the internet has connected everyone in this global village, it has become a need and has a significant impact on our lives. Even for some, it is the most important element of life affecting all their actions.

Imagine spending one day without using the internet, you would not be able to Google to find the nearest restaurants or post pictures on Instagram or check out the stories of your favorite celebrities on Snapchat, or even you could not have a video conference with your business associates. For businesses, the internet has become an indispensable tool carrying out multiple functions especially amidst the work-from-home routine of 2020 – zoom meetings, recruitment, training, marketing, and even sales. Social media has taken businesses by surprise showing its advanced features that can qualify as one of the best marketing tools.

Today’s climate has clarified the uses of the internet beyond its entertainment and business aspects and its importance in the life of every single person. Internet service providers (ISPs) have the responsibility to provide access to a great high-speed internet connection to its users for them to execute all their tasks in harmony. On account of the current scenario, expectations associated with the internet service providers have greatly risen and we would be discussing a few things that should be considered as responsibilities of your ISP.


Speed has grown to be the first factor that anyone looks for when finding an ISP, its importance is as much as the accessibility of the service itself. From an individual’s entertainment needs to business concerns, speed plays a great part in defining the objective of internet usage. Imagine sipping your merlot while watching the 1942 classic, Casablanca, and your internet speed dips resulting in disruption, your mood would instantly go downhill and now the movie and the wine both have been ruined for the night. 

For business owners, speed becomes a matter of life and death, at times. That deal with the British investors could not pan out because the transmission speed hit a zero on the scale. Therefore, the speediness of your connection plays the most vital role of all.

Moreover, the volume of content that you access every day on the internet can be quite high and if your ISP supplies you with low-speed internet, you would lose a lot of time in loading and assessment. Low-speed internet also hinders in accessing high-quality video content or video conferencing.

Secure Connection Service

This is a variant that you MUST seriously look out for and even discuss with your ISP. For businesses especially, Data Centre security breaches can turn up to be the biggest risks. All ISPs provide internet and many would provide great internet speeds on nominal charges but you should select the one with guaranteed protection against spam, virus, spyware, and threats.

Quick support 

If any such issue arises with your connection, an expert service would be required for you and your data to get through. Your internet service provider should provide technical support immediately and if it lacks human involvement then it might become a burden for you.


Reliability is of utmost importance in most if not all associations, humans and otherwise. You find yourself biased towards the brands that you feel a reliable connection with, for instance, you buy a smartphone from the same brand every year and do not try to mix things ever. Likewise, reliability is a prerequisite and your internet provider must be consistent and reliable for all your related needs.


Before selecting an internet service provider, you must look at all its features intricately and then determine if it’s the right choice. Price is one of the most critical components while making this decision. Now, if you are getting an internet connection for your business or if you are a student and have to attend lengthy lectures online, you might find a pricey internet better. The volume of your scope of internet-related work determines its bandwidth and it, subsequently, regulates the price of the connection. The faster the internet connection, the more expensive it is.

Once you have finalized your decision and have agreed upon the package rates, it is important to understand the Service Level Agreement as well. Many internet service providers have hidden charges that they add on the monthly or yearly bill because of which you need to sign up with a service provider having clear packages and rates. For example, Spectrum internet has been recognized to be one of the ISPs that charge you only for what has been advertised and has no hidden fees or unforeseen costs. 

Moreover, great internet connection providers supply you with added benefits now and then to their users to maintain their interests. These additional advantages result in increasing customer loyalty as well and therefore, you should sign up with the ISP having the heart to provide compliments as well. Taking the example from above forward, Spectrum identifies the needs of its customers and supplies them with deals and packages benefiting them like the omission of data caps and free modems. Further to offering free cancellation and no year-long contracts, Spectrum deals and benefits are supplementary perks. 

Customer Service

Price and speediness might be USPs of internet service providers but customer retention mainly depends on the customer services of your provider. Tech support should be available 24/7 so that you, as the customer, do not have to face any issue amidst your work. An extraordinary customer service unit of your internet service provider must ensure appropriate and well-timed resolution of your issue.

Bottom Line

When selecting an ISP, you need to make sure that your choice matches your requirements. The Internet provides you with the space to succeed in the world from the comfort of your living room and so you cannot risk signing up with a poor connection. Once you choose the ISP, do not hesitate in asking questions about its services and operations related to the points discussed above to get a clear picture. 

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