Mobile-friendliness: A Key Aspect For SEO Companies



Search engine optimization (SEO) was primarily developed for users to find out content relevant to their search. Previously, desktops were used to search for content on the internet platform. However, as time passed, the usage of mobile phones became more and more common. The websites started to transform themselves into mobile-friendly modes so that consumers all over the world could access the sites easily. Since then, the Toronto SEO services have been designing websites in a mobile-friendly manner to attract audiences from different parts of the world. Some details have been provided below: 

Google Searches

Google searches were developed recently to help mobile users. Most websites are designed in such a manner that they can be accessed easily on both desktops and mobiles. The URL which is used in the search determines which model would be taken up by the Google search engine. The URLs may vary slightly from desktops to mobiles. The searches are determined based on the mobile phones. However, web developers are designing websites in a manner that are more favorable for mobile phones as compared to desktops.


The ranking of a website is not dependent on its mobile-friendliness or desktop-friendliness. Instead, it is dependent on the number of viewers who visit the page and determine the attractiveness of the website. However, a large audience can be reached with the help of mobile-friendly websites. Therefore, although it does not affect the ranking directly, the nature of the website may determine the ranking. Page-by-page stimulation is observed in Google algorithms when mobile-friendly websites are used. This ensures that the content is presented in a concise fashion and the readers are attracted to the page.

Voice Search Optimization

With the development of Google voice feature, it has become a common practice to initiate searches with Google voice. Thus, it must be within the abilities of the websites to recognize the voice of the consumers and provide the search result. All mobile-friendly websites must have this feature to attract the ‘Generation Z’ audience. Besides, any favorable mobile content will help attract consumers by providing them options for voice search. Long queries can be asked with the help of voice searches which is possible only through mobile phones. 

Summing It Up

Building a website mobile-friendly is one of the best ways to attract the new generation audience. Redefining web pages by using appropriate keywords is another. With the speed of the internet being the fastest in years, it has become so easy to access even the bulkiest websites on mobile phones. Therefore, SEO companies should design a website that is accessible to mobile users all across the world. 

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