The Benefits Of Google Voice


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Artificial intelligence has evolved quite a bit to help the present generation in getting things done which was quite difficult in the past. One such application is Google Voice. It has been in the market for several years now but most people around the world are not quite competent in using Google Voice easily. Here we will help you to understand the benefits of Google Voice so that you can use the application in your day-to-day life.

1. Place Calls From Gmail

If you are a citizen of the United States of America or are living there at present, you can make calls to Canada or the mainland US using Google Voice. These calls can be placed using the Gmail application as well. You can get yourself a Google Voice number to call your contacts who have similar numbers. This is quite important when you are within the service zone.

2. Calls Over Wi-Fi

It happens quite often that you have to switch off your phone or put it on flight mode due to some urgent work. But at the same time, you have lingering worries about some other situation as well. It is during these times your Google Voice number can come in handy. You can place your calls easily using WiFi. Cellular data can also be used to place the calls on Google Voice. This works efficiently when a strong network connection is available in your area.

3. Free Texting

This is yet another feature that is available in Google Voice. Free texting is one of the features that have made Google Voice so popular over time. Google Voice can be used as an extension of Chrome to achieve the maximum benefits. The archive of your texts can also be saved online to make sure that they are not lost over time. Therefore, if you have reset your phone over time, you can easily get back all of your messages as they are stored in a safe storage place.

4. Number Portability

It is very easy to port your Google Voice number in the present times. There is an easy process that can help you to port your number to another one. This facility is also available for your phone number. If you want to use your phone number as your Google Voice number, you can also try to do the same. This is yet another feature of Google Voice that has been praised. If you migrate from one carrier service to another, you can get your number ported easily.


Given above are some of the benefits that are associated with the Google Voice application. However, most of these features are available mostly in the United States of America. The features will be extended across the world over time. This can make all of these benefits available to regular users of Google applications all over the world. Therefore, it is advised that the users of the Google application take up the Google Voice service as soon as possible to avail of its major advantages.

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