Inexpensive Ways to Secure your Home



These days it is all about cybersecurity and cybersecurity that. Everywhere you look someone is telling you to secure your internet connection and your online activity to ensure nobody robs you online. However, what about your physical home security, which is equally important? Nobody seems to be talking about it these days, even though there has been no decrease in the crimes conducted in the real world. If you ask me, I think it has only increased.

Therefore, as much as I would support being skeptical online, I would stress even more when it comes to the security of your home. I mean if you think about it, you could lose a lot more than just your money if someone breaks into your home. Thus, you must secure your home to the best of your ability. And I know when we talk home security you automatically think of a huge monthly bill, but it doesn’t have to be so. There are several inexpensive DIY hacks that you can use to secure your home effectively.

Wi-Fi Door Alarm System

Before we move on to various other hacks that you can use to secure your home we would recommend you get a Wi-Fi enabled home security door alarm system. These are usually quite cost-effective and offer you that same peace of mind a full-fledged security system would. These economically-priced alarm systems come with a built-in Passive Infrared (PIR) motion and a magnetic contact sensor. These both immediately detect an attempt to forcefully enter and sound off the alarm to scare off the intruder.

You can control the security system from your tablet or smartphone regardless of where you are. All you will need is a high-speed internet connection and Wi-Fi network at your home and a mobile data package on your smartphone. For the mobile data package, you can contact your cellphone service provider. However, for the home network, we would recommend you check if you have Spectrum plans available at your location. These include internet and home phone, both of which are essential for home security. In case of an emergency, a home phone is so much easier for 911 workers to locate.

Also, if you decide to hire a security service in the future Spectrum will be able to help you with that too. They offer affordable security services and truly value existing customers.

Window Locks

An expert intruder knows his way around window latches. With the right use of a pry bar, your window is as good as left open. Therefore, you must get pin locks for all your windows. They also work quite well with sliding doors on your patio for example. These pin locks are easily available at home stores as well as online. You will just need to drill a hole in the window frame while the window is fully closed and then another one if you want to leave it partially open. Now install the pin lock and you are good to go.

Motion Detector Lights

What better way of sending a burglar running than shedding some light on him? Intruders’ weapon of choice is the darkness of the night and if you can take that away from them, it would make things harder and less appealing. Motion detector lights can be purchased for a price lower than $15 but will be a great help in deterring criminals. These days even solar-powered lights are available for the eco-friendly folks among us.

Secure Shed Doors

You may believe that your shed is locked and sealed but let me tell you, a seasoned thief will remove hinges and whatever else has screws on the doors. Instead of using the standard hinges and screws that anyone can open, try securing your shed doors and windows with special tamper-proof screws and hinges. These require special removal tools, thus making it hard for the intruders to unscrew/unhinge the doors and windows to breach your home security.

Locks that beat Bolt Cutters

A thief with enough time and determination and an angled grinder is unbeatable, to be honest. He can cut into almost any lock. However, most of the time the thieves would be in a hurry to get done and get out, so they would use bolt cutters to work faster. Now if the lock’s shackle is thick and mostly covered it would be very hard to cut. Also, try to use locks with a more complex locking mechanism making them harder to pick.

Dead Bolt Protection

Probably the first thing any burglar would learn is to pick any sort of lock. Therefore, you need to install deadbolt protection devices on all your doors. To mount the deadbolt protection device, slip the lock over the deadbolt grip and place the device to stop the deadbolt from rotating .

Reinforce the Entry Door

In most houses, the only point of entry and exit is the main door. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to reinforce its weak spot, which is jamb. Deadbolts older than 10 years may not be as secure as they need to be.  You need a durable strike plate and at least 3-inch screws to add that extra strength your door needs to endure a burglar trying to break it down.

To make sure your entry door is fully secure, detach the strike plate and check. If you see heavy-duty steel and 3-inch screws then you can let your mind rest easy. However, if you don’t see these then go ahead and buy a strike plate and screws. Remove the older strike place, chisel out the door to create room for the new strike plate, and then screw it in place with the new screws.

Final Thoughts

Home security is not something to be taken for granted. You may believe you are living in a safe and secure locality but nobody is 100 percent secure these days. Yes, the probability may be low but do you want to risk your family’s security for a mathematical derivation? I don’t think so. Therefore, follow the above-mentioned steps and sleep well tonight.

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