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Viral videos are all the fuss nowadays. People love to remake these, enact them, use dialogues and content from these videos in their social media posts such as memes, comments, pictures, tweets, etc. Viral videos become immensely popular among everyone and almost everyone has watched them, and these are discussed among family members and friends in almost every social interaction.

Viral videos are sensational, they create a unique position for themselves and make a significantly large impact on the audience. The audience either loves it for a reason or completely despises it for the other. Either way, these videos attract a lot of attention and the video creators witness immense opportunities coming to their ways such as interviews and sponsorships.

Brands also try to make viral videos nowadays to be able to gain attention from the audience online and make spread brand awareness. Brands can have multiple intentions behind trying to make a video go viral.

For instance, if a brand is launching a new product, they could release an extremely heart touching video using emotional appeal to touch people and gain their attention. Therefore, brands use multiple advertising appeals and launch marketing campaigns that can generate a response and impact their profit levels or make a significant impact on customers in some sort of way.

We will discuss some of the brands that have had extremely popular marketing campaigns in Britain and their results.

Obama Clause – BBCNews

BBCNews, a British Broadcaster company, focuses on posting video content more than images and they post videos more than any other brand combined.

The British Broadcaster company focuses on posting these because they engage the audience for a longer period, and the more interaction that viewers have with a brand, the more they will tend to lean towards watching more content of the brand, which results in generating higher profits for the company.

Viral Videos of BBCNews such as the ‘Obama Claus’ generated 21% more interaction than the second spot holder.


Selfridges is a UK clothing Brand and their department in the UK  generally posts videos on their Instagram Stories that tend to go viral and you can buy instagram views from many sites.

A recent example of this would be showing the Study NY Team working with their eco-conscious fabrics and further showed them visiting an exhibition at Premiere Vision, which is the city’s fabric expo.

Such videos result in giving viewers a 24/7 on the behind the scenes and they become extremely popular among the audience in Britain because the viewers feel like they are getting a behind the scenes and an insight into the work that goes into the making of the brand. This way customers often feel that they can connect with the brand and that would create a relationship of trust and loyalty.

Vintage Van-Burberry

Burberry is a British brand with its headquarters in London, England. It is a popularly known as a luxurious fashion house which designs and distributes ready to wear trench coats (their most popular item), products made out of leather, fashion accessories, footwear, fragrances, and cosmetics.

It has stores worldwide in over 59 countries. Burberry has been ranked 73rd in Interbrand’s Best Global Brand Report with other luxury brands such as Prada and Louis Vuitton in 2015.

Every post that is released on their Instagram is a reflection of their ‘luxuriousness’ and viewers love the simple yet artistic content that is produced by this brand. Their most viral videos are ones that include shots directly from their fashion shows, which exhibit their latest releases, clothing, and accessories, and showcasing their trendy models.

One of their most viral video on Instagram is where a vintage van of Burberry is distributing different gifts from the brand across London. Such videos have touched the hearts of many people especially in Britain because watching such a high-end brand showing empathy towards the general public is truly touching. This has resulted in the brand becoming extremely popular among the viewers.


Zara, a Spanish clothing brand that focuses on fast fashion and produces products related to clothing, accessories, shoes, swimwear, beauty, and perfumes. In the Inditex group, it is the biggest company. In 2017, it was titled the world’s largest apparel retailer and it has over 20 new collections of clothing every year.

Zara has become an expert in Instagram Marketing with over 40 millionInstagram followers on the app with hundreds of thousands of likes and comments on each post making their posts go viral almost every day.

The brand uses its Instagram profile as a lookbook by partnering with various influencers who make videos showcasing their outfits from Zara and in this way these videos go viral combing the audience of the influencer and Zara.

One of their most popular marketing campaigns has been the “#iamdenim’ campaign where real people from all over the world showcase their denim outfits. This has been especially popular in Britain as they relate the brand’s content with one that would be seen otherwise in a brand catalog, and the brand seemed very accessible to them as people just like them were seen on the brand’s Instagram videos.

La La Land-Lionsgate UK

Lionsgate UK is a subsidiary of the American film company and has produced many films over the years such as Bend It Like Beckham, What’s Cooking? Cabin Fever, Jeepers Creepers, etc.

When the company was about to release La La Land, it focused on making interactive Instagram videos that would go viral and would create awareness about the film among the youth and teens. The main aim of this was to increase the ticket sales of the film amongst a segment of the market that was not necessarily familiar with the traditional Hollywood musicals.

The marketing campaign included ten different videos that were very creative and unique and these featured the movie stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. These videos showed the two stars in very different roles and the audience was star struck with the new portrayal of these stars.

The people of Britain felt extremely of a brand from their country producing such unique content and this resulted in the videos increasing the awareness by 8 points and ad recall by 24 points! The movie became extremely popular amongst the youth of Britain due to these viral Instagram videos.

Sponsored video content and accounts- Asos

ASOS plc is a British brand that specializes in online fashion and cosmetic retail. The company was founded in London in 2000 and its main target audience is young adults. The website has over 850 brands that it sells along with its brand of clothing and accessories. The company ships and delivers these products to 196 countries across the globe.

It has one of the most unique Instagram strategies where it creates not just sponsored content such as videos but also created sponsored accounts for famous influencers who then partner with Asos to make viral videos.

As it is a British brand, and when Asos partners with British influencers to create viral content, people feel a sense of attachment and pride with the brand and therefore have continued to buy from the brand more than any other British clothing brand.


Dior is a famous brand for luxury goods such as leather goods, accessories, footwear, jewelry, timepieces, fragrance, makeup, and even skincare products while being very popular for its original haute-couture under the Christian Dior Couture Divisions. The brand’s label is mostly common among the women, however, it has recently expanded into products for men and babies too!

Dior, on Instagram, is approaching micro-influencers as their new strategy to Instagram Marketing as the brand believes that these influencers can bring more engagement from the users.

The brand launched the hashtag #DiorLoveChain which is an initiative taken for charitable purposes. This was to benefit the WE Charity.

Every time this hashtag was shared by any user on Instagram, along with a visual related to the question “What would you do for Love?”, Dior would donate $1 to this charity organization which aimed to reduce the poverty level among children and to provide schooling and education for girls in Kenya.

Different celebrities and influencers took part in this campaign and the videos went viral as they were shared by some very popular people.

This marketing campaign on Instagram received a very positive response from the British people as the British users were motivated by the London based influencer Shini Park, and were delighted to be helping for such a beautiful purpose.

As we can see, viral videos on Instagram are on the checklist of most of the brands whether they are some of the most world-renowned brands or startups that are aiming to establish a place in the market. Social media marketing has become crucial for the survival of brands nowadays and Instagram is one of the best platforms to do so.

Brands that receive a positive or even a negative response from a country like Britain, tend to establish their mark in the minds of the users and that is ultimately the motive of these brands, to reach a wide audience!

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