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PUBG is marvelous shooter game, which has taken the top spot in the rankings and has scored a record number of players. Game of PUBG (Battleground) – multiplayer online shooter in the mode “everyone for yourself” or “royal battle.” The game is a survival simulator in the real world, where gets as many as 100 players at a time and they all fight for their lives. Only one player can win, who must remain the last to survive.

Each match in this game begins with the fact that all the players fly on the plane and then each of them can jump out on the run, and then land on the battlefield with a parachute. The game has different cards, but all of them are limited in the territory where players can conduct shootouts. Each map has a limited war zone. Each player must first find a secluded place where you can hide, then find a weapon and start a fight for survival.

According to statistics from Web app creator Tim Bennett, half of Players in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds die in the first 10 minutes. To get into the top 10 as often as possible and stay alive as long as possible, here are some simple tips and PUBG hacks that every beginner in this game should be aware of.

For experienced players these may seem obvious and primitive, but for beginners it may well help to survive the first minutes of the game. Also there is a good way to gain Free UC on sites like .

So here are the tips :

Don’t be lazy to close the doors

The biggest problem for most players, apart from their inattention, is their laziness. You went into the house, close the door behind you, because if an experienced player comes and sees that someone was here, he will either turn around and leave without spending time researching the house, or will take you by surprise with his appearance in the house. He’ll hear there’s someone in the house, having a surprise. Try to confuse the enemy not only by closing all the doors, but also by laying out unnecessary items in the house, because a flooded house with closed doors is, at least, strange.

Try to be below the grass, quieter than water

As in the saying you know, you have to be as discreet and quiet as possible. Did you hear that you’re being shot? Don’t shoot back and don’t start running. Instead, it is better to lie down or bend down. Have you noticed that the doors are open in the building? Bend down and slowly enter the house. But the most important thing, probably – do not shoot perpendicular to the running player. You’ll probably miss and give yourself out, and he’ll be an experienced player who will slam you quickly. If you notice an enemy, just wait for him to stop or get distracted.

Land in uninhabited places

If you spent a little time in the game, then when landing in densely populated areas you can not live even up to 5 minutes of the game, as with you will land a few more people. And one of them will be the most hasty and dexterous. As they say, who is dissatisfied with the small, he is more unworthy. It is better to do something to do something than to spend in the game a few minutes, being among the first losers who died.

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