The evolution of 3D printers: A Brief History



3D printers have always found their use in several sectors such as manufacturing, medicine, prototyping, architecture, etc. They tend to reduce the cost of the project and increase the efficiency exponentially. Let us roll our steps back and learn how the 3D printing technique was first introduced to mankind and how it has evolved decade by decade.

Decade by Decade Evolution:

1980 – 3D printing developed as an idea back in the year 1980. With certain advancements made to it by the Japanese, it then went into the hands of the French and finally to the Americans. Charles Hull, an American engineer is often credited with the title of father of 3D printing. 

1990 – Once it was introduced in the open market, companies went head over heels, trying to put this newfound technology into various uses. These experiments helped refine the 3D printing process and helped humans to capitalize on this method of printing. Although till this period 3D printing was not cost-effective and hence it had limited usages such as in prototyping products for aerospace, automotive, and medical industries. 

2000 – By the year 2005 the earlier patents made on 3D printers started to expire and this became a golden opportunity for scientists all over the world. They started experimenting on it and by the year 2009 several companies had manufactured an array of 3D printers. This made the technology more accessible. It was during this phase of its journey that the 3D printers started making its mark with 3D printed limbs and 3D printed kidneys

2010 – By the advent of this decade, 3D printers had become pocket friendly, and hence their demands had skyrocketed. They started making appearances at homes and business houses. 3D printing had by now showcased its myriad usage such as repairing various parts of machines and handling inventory shortage. By the year 2014, the public at large were empowered enough to make and manufacture products as per their choice. People started looking up for the Best 3D Printers Under $500 price range. The reliance on companies or technology firms started declining. There was an exponential rise observed in the revenue made by this industry. Just for you, we have listed below the top 3 best 3D Printers Under the $500 price range available in the market.

Best 3D Printers Under $500:

FlashForge Adventurer3 – This fully enclosed machine comes with an auto-levelling and auto-feed system installed for the filament. 

Prusa Research Original Prusa MINI – This machine has in it a magnetic print bed along with print plates that can be removed, auto bed levelling, and calibration feature. It can even resume its printing after a power failure.

Creality Ender 5 Pro – This is a high-precision machine. Its heated bed is static on its Z-axis. Also, the open metal frame design of the machine makes it easier to replace or upgrade the parts of the printer hassle-free.

2020 – This year, amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, 3D printing technology has again proved its girth. The supply of several necessary amenities and products was possible only due to 3D printers. These supplies include but are not limited to 3D printed masks, components of test kits and ventilators, respirators, valves, etc.

It has been a phenomenal experience to have witnessed the evolution of 3D printers over the years and the widespread use of this technology. As per reports, the 3D printing market worldwide is estimated to rise as high as over 40 billion U.S. dollars by the year 2024. With the evolution of 3D printing technology, we just hope that it goes hand in hand with the developments of the manufacturing industry.

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