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The concept of SMTP servers can be a bit confusing for beginners, but it doesn’t have to be so. That’s why as a considerate SMTP service, we strive to make it as simple as it can be for your benefit. After reading this article, you’ll grasp it almost like a professional or someone who has done a course in it. Without further ado, let’s get started:

1. SMTP Servers Vs SMTP Protocol

An SMTP Server shouldn’t be confused with SMTP protocol. An SMTP server is basically hardware that helps handle the process of email delivery. This is provided by either email providers like Google and Yahoo, or professional SMTP services like Queen SMTP. SMTP protocol, on the other hand, is a set of instructions or rules governing the flow of emails on the internet. These rules come as part of Windows, Mac, and other OSs for either computers or mobile devices.

2. Two Types of SMTP Servers Exist: Normal SMTP Server & SMTP Proxy Server

There are two types of SMTP servers; normal SMTP servers and SMTP proxy servers. Being the typical servers, the former receives emails from the client and puts them on the queue in readiness for delivery. What’s more, normal SMTP servers will handle both outbound and inbound mail delivery processes.

However, to take care of inbound mail delivery, these servers require all the local domains concerned must be specified. Otherwise, the email will have to be delivered to another server known as “POP3/IMAP” before reaching the recipient.

FYI, The POP3/IMAP specifically deals with inbound emails. Unlike an SMTP server, which can be considered the “messenger”, this server receives the email, making sure the client computer is able to retrieve it.

While SMTP Proxy servers are not actual servers per se because they don’t have all the capabilities of the latter, they are still considered servers anyway. They are basically proxy servers that will require a normal SMTP server to complete their job. Proxy servers must be connected to an actual server for the process of email flow to take place successfully. What sets proxy servers apart is their ability to conceal the client’s original IP address, allowing them to send emails without any risk to be traced.

3. Translates Information from Complex Coding Languages

When you hit the “Send” button to send an email you’ve composed, what happens next is that the message is broken down into a string of code(computer language) that only servers understand. Once the message reaches the client, the server once again translates it into the language in which it was composed. Without this, the servers involved would not be able to ensure that the message reaches its intended destination. Even if the message gets delivered, which is highly unlikely, it would appear as a string of code that the recipient certainly would not be able to understand.

4. Checks for Email Address Correctness and Validity

Another important task of an SMTP server is to alert the sender if it detects the email address to be wrong or invalid. Have you ever tried sending an email only to receive a failed delivery message a short moment afterward? That’s the work of your SMTP server. Before the message gets sent and delivered, your computer will first communicate with the SMTP server, asking it to check if the email address provided is correct or valid, using a command known as “VRFY.” If the address fails the verification process, the email will bounce back and that’s when you’ll receive the “email was not delivered” message.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, having a well set up SMTP server system can go a long way in your business’s bulk email transactions. For example, it can help ensure that all your emails get delivered effectively to their intended recipients. Additionally, it will ensure that illegitimate or unwanted emails can never arrive in your inbox, giving you peace of mind.

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