How to Increase Download Speed in Windows 10


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Want to increase download speed in Windows 10? Here are a few easy ways to increase your speed, even if you have limited bandwidth.

To speed up the Internet download speed, you should first download just one file. If you need to download multiple files, do so only when you download the most critical file first. Downloading several files at once will not decrease the entire program’s speed, but only the download rates will be reduced.

Use a program called Internet Download Manager. This tool is designed to be very effective at transferring files from one location to another. The program allows you to choose a destination easily and then transfer your files there in a few seconds. This program also allows you to specify how large each file is. The larger the file, the longer it will take to transfer, and then the faster the download will become.

How to Increase download speed in Windows 10

Enabling the Unlimited Reserving Bandwidth Windows 10 utilizes about 80 percent of the available bandwidth leaving about 20 percent for internal use. 

So you’d probably ask, How to increase download speed in Windows 10

Step 1: To open the Run dialog box, hold down the Windows logo key+R together.

Step 2: Next, click Run (without the quotes). Type net starts the computer, and hit Enter or click OK. A list of devices will be displayed, with the first device, “My Computer”, at the bottom. Clicking the “My Computer” icon will display information about that device, like its name, manufacturer, and what features it has.

Step 3: Click “Change,” next to “Network Connection” to display the various settings you can change. The “Max Download Speed” option is available under Properties. If you want to raise your download speed, check the “Increase Maximum Download Speed” box. If you want to lower your download speed, change the “Decrease Maximum Download Speed” drop-down menu to “Decrease.” 

Also, check the “Reduce Download Time” button to see what kind of changes it will make.

Step 4: In Windows XP, go to Start/Run/type “services” and look for Services. Click Services. You will find a series of services that you can control and adjust.

Step 5:

  1. Go to Start/Run again and type Services.
  2. Click Services.
  3. Look for the services you need to add and disable, then click Disable or Uninstall to remove them.

When you’ve done these steps, you can set your Windows Download Speed Optimizer program to run automatically as soon as Windows starts up. {or when you shut down. It will scan your computer for viruses, spyware, adware, and help Windows with things like optimizing your computer memory and disk space for faster startup.

Another thing that will increase your download speed in Windows 10 is to clean your hard drive of temporary Internet files such as cookies, cache, cookies, history, and the likes, which will slow your PC down. And the best way to do that is with a Registry Cleaner.

To use a Clean Registry, you need to right-click the C:/ programs folder on your PC and choose Properties. Click the General tab, and click Repair.

Click the Search box to enter the words “Search For”Cure Registry” into the search bar. When the window pops up, type “registry cleaner” and click OK. When the registry cleaner scans your computer for junk files, it will bring up a list of damaged or corrupt files. {or obsolete. You can delete the damaged files or entries or add new ones that you think would improve performance.

When you run a Clean Registry, the program will tell you how many errors it has found and what it has done to fix them. The program will also allow you to customize its options, such as adjusting the startup options and the Startup Program Manager.

Once the Clean Registry is finished, you can then select the files you want to add, adding new entries to the registry. And place them in the correct location so Windows can find them faster. It will also allow you to set a schedule for how often you want to do this. And how many entries it will run at once. If you want to learn more tips and tricks for Windows 10 then go to windowscape.

By running a Clean Registry, you’ll notice a slight increase in Windows speed when you restart your PC. But there’s another way you can boost your download speed in Windows 10, too, if you’d rather not use the Registry Cleaner.

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