Nickie Davis Minority Business Leader, participates in ‘Questions for a Cause’ as an Expert



Connect now with Nickie Davis, a minority business leader and industry expert to gain valuable advice and answers.  Nickie is a hometown girl who immersed herself in Columbia’s fashion scene early on, working for Gap, Natural Groove, Blackberry Exchange, and Swank before launching Muse Clothing in April 2013.

“I owned a thriving small business in the heart of The District, Downtown CoMo. The goal of my business was to sell locally made and USA made clothing for both men and women. Then, five years in, after 20+ fashion shows, release parties for magazines, music, clothing, charity events, and more. It came to me – it was about the community. Said davis”

Nickie Davis makes a distinct impression. She’s comfortable in her own skin; her beautiful curls accent her sense of individuality and her desire to empower others to express who they are. “Clothing is an outlet for the mind and body. It can make you feel strong or portray your softer side,” Davis says. “I love helping customers find an outfit that makes them look and feel amazing.”

In opening her own store, Muse, Davis, wanted to fill an untapped niche by bringing a bigger city feel and fashion-forward taste to Columbia. She chose to focus on alternative street wear, with an added emphasis on U.S.-made items as well as brands and styles with a unique flair.

Owning her own business was always a dream, but for a long time she didn’t believe it would be possible. “It was a terrible experience trying to find a bank,” Davis says. “Then I was introduced to Hawthorn Bank. They took a chance on me and made it happen.”

When Muse Clothing opened three months later, Davis found herself working at 22 S. Ninth St. for the third time in her career. “I wanted to be on Ninth Street,” she says. “It feels a lot like ‘Cheers,’ but younger and more vibrant.”

Nickie Davis feels part of this unique stretch of downtown, where she enjoys walking Whedon, her black German shepherd, malamute, and husky mix, engaging in street corner conversations and taking in the sounds of local musicians.

“I think our store was needed here,” Davis says. “It was a necessity.”

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As Davis and many other entrepreneurs learn, starting a business is an undertaking fueled by extraordinary passion that is often preceded by substantial roadblocks. Follow this link now to connect with Nickie Davis and get real time valuable advice and answers.

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