Jewish Baby Stroller – Search Engine Social Uprising



Searching for innocent keywords such as Jewish Baby Strollers reveals shocking results of portable BBQ ovens being wheeled by mothers with the inscription ‘Made in Germany’ to remind Jews of the horrific Holocaust atrocities.

After several inquiries were submitted by civil rights movement members on behalf of the End Jew Hatred, the search giant Google confirmed it’s investigating the matter.

But according to researchers, the results may not be an accident. It’s possible that they’re the result of a coordinated extremist campaign on a fringe website to yield those specific images.

According to Brooke Goldstein, founder of the Lawfare Project, search engines and social networks alike need to do more in effort to identity and rid the internet of Jewish Baby Stroller type memes.  “Discriminative and hurtful pictures are not only offensive to the online community, but also undermine the corporate integrity of companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter”.

End Jew Hatred is a new Jewish civil rights movement known for targeting three of the biggest tech companies to stop a known terrorist from propagandizing at an American University.

Leila Khaled, a senior leader in the terrorist group the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, was scheduled to speak at San Francisco State University on September 23rd. Khaled has previously hijacked planes in order to draw attention to her cause. She has also endorsed violent armed struggle against the world’s only Jewish state, and her organization, the PFLP, continues to support attacks against civilians.

Advised by their partners, the Lawfare Project, End Jew Hatred contacted social media companies to ensure her speech could not go ahead. Big tech firms cannot always simply knock off any content they do not like. Recently Google came under fire after Jew haters placed the term “Jewish baby stroller” under the pictures of gas ovens, with the implication being that Jewish babies belong in the oven instead of a stroller. This hateful content was not able to be taken down by Google.

Unlike the case of Jewish baby stroller memes, Zoom was able to act in the case of Leila Khaled. Since Khaled is a senior member of the PFLP, allowing her to speak could breach anti-terrorism legislation. The PFLP is designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the state department. Therefore, allowing her talk to go ahead could legally be construed as material support for terrorism.

End Jew Hatred got to work and informed Zoom of the legal risk they were taking. They also informed the state prosecutor, so that he could open a case if the speech went ahead as planned. End Jew Hatred also mobilized their partner organizations and hosted a protest at the Zoom Headquarters. The protest featured planes emblazoned with the End Jew Hatred logo. Protestors called on Zoom to take down the event so Leila Khaled would not be able to preach her views to the students of SFSU.

Zoom cancelled the event. When the organizers attempted to move to Facebook, End Jew Hatred contacted Facebook as well. They followed suit by kickin Khaled off the platform. They deactivated the event page and blocked the livestream.

Finally, organizers attempted to move to YouTube. For 23 minutes the event was broadcast, with introductory remarks from other speakers. However, when they showed a clip of Khaled talking (before her actual speech), Khaled endorsed violence.

Immediately, the feed was cut. End Jew Hatred supporters had been mass reporting the stream to YouTube, to ensure the content standards team were aware of the potentially terrorist-endorsing message being broadcast on their platform.

End Jew Hatred is planning other actions to target Jew hatred in the public sphere. Whether its Jewish baby stroller offensive jokes or terrorist radicalization on campus, End Jew Hatred and its’ partners at the Lawfare Project are committed to taking it on.


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