Top 5 Best Video Calling App for your Work from Home Meetings



Since the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us depend upon the video calling apps to stay connected with our family, friends, and work colleagues. However, if your financial situation is not so good, then opting for the free video calling apps will be the best option.

Though Zoom continues to rank the top in the list of video calling apps, yet apart from this, there are some other applications as well that allows you to video chat with others for free.

Here we have provided a list of the best 5 video calling apps which you can access free of cost and also remotely keep in touch with friends and colleagues. You can try any of them that meet your requirements and see how they fit in with your style.

  • Zoom

Due to its simplified and easy-to-use interface, the Zoom app has been widely used for home meetings as well as corporate use. Its free version permits up to 100 users to meet. Previously, though there were some issues that involve privacy and security, yet the company addresses this issue by bringing about a number of updates and changes.

Exceptional Features:

  • A limit of 40-minutes on group meetings
  • Unlimited one-on-one meetings
  • Google Meet

This particular video calling app is only available to those who subscribe to Google’s paid service, i.e., G Suite. With this app, you can easily video chat with your family, friends, and colleagues, but for that, both host and participants must have access to Google accounts. What makes this app unique among the others is that you will be able to schedule your meeting using Google Calendar and also able to include a number of security features.

Exclusive Features:

  • Comes with a noise cancellation feature
  • The meeting time is limited to 60-minutes.
  • Skype

Since the beta was released in 2003, Skype has added video conferencing to its VoIP features. So, simply by selecting the “Meet Now” button on the left side of the app, its “Meet Now” feature will be enabled which will allow video conferencing. Without actually signing up for the service, you are allowed to create a free video meeting on a separate page.

Exclusive Features:

  • Share presentations without blurring the background
  • No time limit and up to 50 participants are allowed
  • You will be able to record the call for up to 30 days.
  • Cisco Webex

Acquired by Cisco, Webex is a video conferencing app and is also a popular business application. Its free generous version is worth checking out. Now, it’s free version covers participants from 50 to 100 and the meeting is allowed for a period of 50 minutes. If you conduct short-term seminars for those who seek writing help, then you can obviously look for this app.

Exclusive Features:

  • Will be able to record meetings and save
  • Allowed a meeting of up to 50 minutes
  • Google Duo

Looking for my paper writer? Well, if you need one, then you can contact them via the Google Duo app. It also features some invite links along with a basic web interface. Moreover, the app allows you to form a group of up to 12 participants; however, this is possible only on its mobile versions.

Exceptional Features:

  • This app uses end-to-end encryption 
  • It is possible to record a message on this app.

These were the top 5 most noteworthy video calling apps that you can look for your professional as well as personal needs. Apart from these, there are some other alternatives too, like Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Starleaf, Whereby, etc.

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