This Is How to Smoke Hemp Flowers the Right Way



Did you know that hemp is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world? On top of that, it was also one of the first materials to be constructed into the usable fiber. Whether you know it or not, hemp is richly tied to human history.

Today hemp is mainly manufactured for industrial purposes. However, many people are rediscovering their medicinal uses by smoking hemp flowers. But exactly how do you smoke hemp? Is it the same as marijuana?

If you want to know that answer, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll be answering these questions and more. Let’s get started!

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a specific type of Cannabis sativa that’s used mainly for industrial purposes. The fiber that’s derived from the plant is used in a variety of products including paper, clothing, bioplastics, textiles, and much more.

Hemp grows across a variety of continents, including North America, Asia, and Australia. While most hemp produced is used for industrial processes, you can smoke the hemp flowers that grow on the plant.

But exactly how does this strain of cannabis differ from traditional marijuana?

What’s the Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana?

While hemp comes from the cannabis plant, it’s important to understand that it’s different from the marijuana you may be familiar with. This difference comes down to the psychoactive components present in the plant.

Cannabis that’s used as a drug contains significant amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This is the compound present in marijuana that provides a high, euphoric feeling.

Hemp, on the other hand, contains little to no THC, depending on where it’s grown. However, it does contain much higher amounts of CBD. CBD stands for cannabidiol which is a non-psychoactive agent.

Because of this lack of THC smoking hemp likely won’t get you high. So why do people use smokable hemp? Because there are plenty of health benefits that come with smoking, a good source of CBD. Let’s learn more about them.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Hemp?

Smoking hemp provides you with a lot of the relaxing benefits of cannabis, without the intoxicating effect. This is because of the large amounts of CBD and terpenes found in the substance.

CBD has been proven in numerous studies to relieve pain, heal heart disease, and fight acne. It also helps relieve acute anxiety and depression. This makes it the perfect substance to use at the start of the day.

It provides you with the relaxing feeling of wellbeing you need to face a heavy workload. Plus, you’ll be able to work and be active because you aren’t stoned.

It’s also ideal for people who are trying to cut back on their marijuana usage. Smoking hemp flowers provides a familiar activity without some of the negative drawbacks that come with getting high.

How to Smoke Hemp the Correct Way

Often when we smoke hemp flowers, marijuana, or vape, we don’t think about the way we inhale the smoke. After all, there’s no one right way to smoke, right? Wrong.

If you smoke the incorrect way, then you not only waste hemp you can also harm your lungs. That’s why we made this section to help you learn the right way to smoke any cannabis-derived material. Let’s start with the vessel you use to smoke it.

Pick a Method of Smoking

The most popular of smoking hemp flowers is through either a pipe or a bong. Both of these methods involve lighting ground up hemp from a bowl container. However, a bong uses a water filtration system to provide a slightly cleaner hit.

When packing the bowl make sure to pack it more densely toward the bottom and lighter at the top. This will ensure that it burns evenly and isn’t sucked through the hole at the bottom.

The other popular involves rolling the ground hemp flowers into a joint or a blunt. This method is nice because it takes full advantage of the entourage effect.

This is the improved sensation that comes with smoking a hemp flower with all its cannabinoids present. However, some people may dislike this way of smoking because it wastes a lot of hemp flowers that you might want to save.

If you prefer a single-serve option, then we recommend a vaporizer. These devices use either oils or convection ovens to heat the CBD flower into a vapor. They’re nice because you can take as many hits as you want and save the rest.

Inhale Correctly

Often people think the best way to smoke hemp is to inhale as much as possible. However, in reality, it’s much better to mix the smoke or vapor with fresh air. This maximizes both the flavor and the effectiveness of your hemp flower.

So before you inhale the smoke, take in a small amount of air. Then breathe in the hemp flower smoke or vapor.

Fill up your lungs until they’re about 70% of the substance. Then, inhale the fresh air around you. Have it fill up the final 30% of your lungs. Make sure you wait a few minutes before inhaling again.

Don’t Hold In for Too Long

A common misconception when smoking hemp flowers is the longer you hold it in, the more beneficial it will be. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The reality is that your lungs absorb all of the helpful compounds into your blood within milliseconds of impact.

So, the only thing that holding the smoke in does is damage your lungs. So, if you want to smoke the right way, inhale, then release as quickly as possible.

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We hope this article helped you find out the right ways to smoke hemp flowers. Ultimately, the method you choose comes down to personal preference. Just remember to not hold in the smoke for long, and you’ll be fine.

Want more topics that interest you? If so, then you’re in the right place. Keep exploring our articles and find something else that interests you today.


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