Who is Siraaj Yung ?



Let’s dive into the life of on the rise musical sensation Siraaj Yung.

Siraaj Yung is an on the rise artist from Atlanta,GA. His sound is versatile yet highly appealing. His higher awareness and very conscience bars draw in any listeners because it’s the right balance of subject matter and fun. His hooks focus on a vibrant catchy and melodic vibe while his verses pack a different punch.

Having a hard time finding his balance and musical consistency was his greatest issue. Life problems always seemed to circulate and cause him to lose focus. Not only dealing with those issues, but also being shy and now coming out of his comfort zone was a new obstacle. Soon he was able to overcome that and really channel his raw energy throughout his music and tackle consistency with a breeze.

His recent release is titled “Riding Around ” and can be found on all platforms including the visual now on Youtube. His track titled “Diamond Night” already hit a whopping 200k streams. His success is just beginning. His fans are in for a treat this year as he keeps putting out nothing but pure hits and more content. I’m sure his name will ring bells both nationally and internationally

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