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Premium Multi-Camera TV-Quality Production

Four cameras, mini cameras ahead of the venue, wireless attachable microphones, high-speed transmission, 6bmit/s upstream, unlimited views, simple transfer. We are here to provide you Wedding Live Streaming Service

There square measure a great deal of advantages and synergies in combining these 2 fine arts.

  • 1st of all, it’s less obtrusive – there’s just one shooter, thus you don’t have the embarrassment of 2 totally different suppliers fighting for house behind the altar. All eyes ought to get on you as you walk down the aisle and no-one else! 
  • Second, there square measure fewer individuals to manage within the run-up to your wedding, which suggests fewer emails, fewer briefs, and fewer problem normally – no a lot of Bridezillas! 
  • Third, your pictures and film can all be one consistent vogue, thus they’ll look nice next to every alternative in your on-line gallery.
  • Finally, it’s significantly a cost-effective: my combined photography and filmmaking package may be a lot more cost-effective than booking a separate creative person and videographer. Also, it’s terribly simple to feature wedding live streaming to the package as all cameras square measure originated on location already.

My approach

There square measure ample wedding films out there that look spectacular, (some even recorded with drones) however merely have very little personal bit – that’s, they reveal little regarding you people and as one or two and the way you felt on your day. For me, emotional content isn’t created by cutting moving pictures to music – tricks don’t create an honest story. My approach to wedding picture taking is content-driven. Instead of spectacular wide medium shots, I attempt to tell your story in an exceedingly personal method. Once you watch your wedding film back, it’s my goal to create you live over those special moments and emotions yet again.

Your story, your wedding video

In order to assist tell the story of your day which of your relationship, I attempt to record as several SoundBits as potential. My approach can embrace Associate in Nursing interview of every of you one by one for regarding ten minutes within the morning (I’ve found this can be nice for calming the nerves of brides-to-be!) and yet again at midnight if the flow of your day permits. i will be able to conjointly go around and raise your guests to go away token video messages, that perpetually comprise sincere, cute, and funny tributes, in conjunction with unforgettable anecdotes to create your video distinctive.

Two edits for all audiences

Whether your guests solely have ten minutes to look at a movie on Facebook or 2 hours to look at a marriage DVD, I perpetually produce 2 edits. The primary one is usually regarding ten minutes or shorter Associate in Nursing includes an introduction, highlights of your ceremony, speeches, cutting the cake, video messages from your guests, party snippets, Associate in nursing an interview at the top. These square measure nice ‘teasers’ for showing your friends or posting on-line. The second edit will be something between half-hour and 2 hours and includes the whole ceremony and every one complete speeches, thus you’ll live over your entire day’s recollections in high definition once more and once more.

How is it done technically?

Thanks to the appearance of recent cameras, we are able to currently shoot videos and photos at identical time – one thing that i attempted for the primary time back in 2015 and haven’t looked back. Its identical camera, identical lens, and also the same point-of-view, however I’m shooting high-resolution photos (up to fifty megapixels) and an exquisite HD video at identical time (4k possibility available). Not several photographers have nonetheless embraced this new chance – if truth be told, I’m one in every of the only a few wedding photographers in Surrey providing wedding photography and wedding picture taking as a package conjointly bring Associate in Nursing assistant UN agency will operate 3 further TV-quality cameras on tripods from a secure and retiring distance. In an exceedingly church, as an example, we’d generally place a camera to the left and right behind the altar (with long lenses) and one at the top of the aisle. These cameras would be picture taking ceaselessly from all angles to create certain no moment is incomprehensible. They’re conjointly tiny and light-weight – excellent for weakening into the background – and might be originated and packed away at intervals minutes. Identical technique is employed to film the speeches, the cutting of the cake, and your 1st dance. This multi-camera capture permits Maine to form a compelling film for you within the edit that I will be able to gift to you in conjunction with your photos. For the proper sound, we have a tendency to use TV-quality wireless attachable microphones and discreetly placed area mics (for laughter, applause, etc).

Wedding Live Streaming

I currently supply high-quality video live streaming of your bridal ceremony and speeches. My cameras square measure connected to a video whisper and portable computer to share your special moments together with your remote guests via a non-public HD wedding video stream. even though a number of your guests can’t be physically gift they’ll still be ready to witness your vows in period via your own personal wedding video stream. 

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