New Budget Fitness Smartwatch, Smart Fit Band, Debuts A Bit Before Christmas 2020



Everyone loves Apple, Garmin, FitBit, Samsung, and other popular smartwatch brands when they first buy them. However, things change quickly when the flaws of such pricey wearable technology is discovered.  Issues like replacing battery, costly but fragile watch faces or led screens, connectivity issues,  increase the expense of the favorite new super-brand smartwatch by up to 1000%, if not more. This has made microbrands the new rage. And just a bit before Christmas 2020, the new budget fitness smartwatch, the Smart Fit Band by T1 Tact Watch has debuted.

Released Early for Christmas 2020

The new Smart Fit Band is being released at the beginning of 2020’s Q4 for smartwatches.  The brand made subtle mentions on facebook and instagram about a release coming, but nothing to hint it would happen in September.  Now, discussion is brewing.

“It reminds me of a Fit Bit” says one user on a reddit post [seen here].

Indeed it may look similar in style to a ‘watch band’ for the runners and gym fitness enthusiasts.  However, the materials and technology are different.  On, the new release touts  more than 11 features including touch control, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, and blood oxygen levels monitor.   And if you read the specs, even more features are listed.

In photos, it’s also clear that there are animated symbols to make keeping up with stats more fun.   Adults and youth alike can find motivation for their fitness routine in the technological artistry.

As most brands, T1 Tact Watch is likely making this surprise release in preparation for Christmas 2020.  In the 4th Quarter of year, sales of smartwatches can increase 10-fold, and it’s a known fact the industry is exploding.   This high quality microbrand is only 1 of many reaping benefits of this social media age.  As  fans of product niches have become accustomed to freedom of Google search, T1 Tact Watch has become synonymous with military watches and tactical smartwatches keyword searches.

Budget Fitness Smartwatch Fixes Problems of Expensive Smartwatches

According to DigitalTrends and PocketNow, there are at least 10 problems that smartwatch companies needed to fix as of 2018. Many however, still stand true today.  A few of these problems include:

  1. Rapid Battery Drain
  2. Smartphone & Bluetooth connectivity issues
  3. New Text msg notifications not being accurate
  4. OS watch users, have major crashing issues
  5. Can’t Update software of watch
  6. Not durable/don’t last
  7. Expensive and fragile watch glass
  8. Screen Repair costs
  9. Low quality wristbands

Of the 8 problems above the new “Smart Fit Band” by T1 Tact Watch, only 1 issues exists.  The batteries of the SFB are said to last up to 3 years but prior customers beg to differ. The particular battery used by the watch is of high quality, but will likely need replacement after 1 year.  However, this can be done with a simple purchase on Amazon for under $8.

All of these issues above will end up costing an Apple iWatch or Samsung Galaxy Watch owner extra hundreds of dollars. The iWatch screen repair is $400 alone without insurance, according to  Fitbit screen repair costs might land at $50 or upwards.

If  budget is important,  these mega brands are ‘played out.’     With a smartwatch like the “Smart Fit Bit” almost $85, you can afford to buy a new watch each year versus fixing 1 of the megabrand products once every 5 years.

And the majority of people like new before refurbished or repaired goods.

T1 Tact Watch Review: Smart Fit Band Vs Midnight Diamond

T1 Tact Watch has been a mega popular microbrand on-line thanks to the success of their first release.  The “Midnight Diamond” tactical smartwatch went viral on Facebook in late 2018 or early 2019.   The budget smartwatch was one of the first to slather the web, with a featured  remote control for smartphone camera shutters. Wearers could snap the perfect selfie or prank from a distance, using their watch as the shutter release button.

Today there’s finally a second release to compare and here’s the breakdown in a ‘versus’ chart. The lowest ranking is 1 of 10.  The highest ranking is 10 of 10.  5 of 10 of course is average..

Midnight Diamond

Smart Fit Band

Durability 10 of10 7 of 10
LED Display Black Pixels: 5 Color Pixels: 9
Fitness Functions Distance Ran Tracker, Pedometer, Stopwatch Pedometer, Distance Ran Tracker, Stopwatch,
Body Monitoring Sleep, Calories Burned Heart, Blood Oxygen, Sleep, Calories Burned, Blood Pressure
Battery life: 9 of 10 8 of 10
Screen Durability 10 of 10 10 of 10
Wristband Quality 9 of 10 10 of 10
Compatible with iOs and Android devices iOs and Android devices
Bluetooth capability Yes Yes
Water Resistant? Yes Yes
Touch Control Screen No Yes
Backlight Yes Yes
Price $94.99 $84.99

Figured out which budget smartach you’re wanting?  Unfortunately this microbrand is not in stores yet.  It’s not likely to happen in 2020 either with the CoronaVirus pandemic.  Simply visit the “Tactical smartwatches’ page on and shop on-line.

Want an added benefit? The TikTok star LaPoderosa69 released a discount code for the site a few days ago.  It’s the first coupon ever seen for T1 Tact Watch. The offer ends Friday, September 25th.  Simply type in ‘lapoderosa69’ and the promo code should give shoppers 10% off.

Watch the Q4 commercial video for the “Midnight DIamond” below.   It exemplifies the extreme durability and quality of these military-inspired tactical watches.

More news soon.

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