How To Better Manage You Carpet Cleaning Business



The carpet cleaning industry has been growing in revenue for the past couple of years, and is expected to keep on increasing even through 2020. The carpet cleaning industry generates billions of dollars on average annually.

It is crucial to address the frequent challenges the industry faces, and to learn how a single mobile app can help in focusing on the big picture even during difficult periods.

This mobile app, that can help you better manage your business, is actually a carpet cleaning software solution that more and more businesses turn to. In this post, you can learn more about Carpet Cleaning Software and how it can help you manage your business.

What is Carpet Cleaning Software?

Carpet Cleaning software is a software solution that simplifies business operations, such as appointment scheduling and billing for provided services, among many other options.

One such solution is Workiz Carpet Cleaning Software that has helped its users increase revenue by 22 percent.

Boost your bottom line

Workiz Carpet Cleaning Software can help you boost your bottom line in a few, very simple ways. Their app helps you track all appointments so your technicians never miss one. It enables following your payments in order to know how much each client owes and the payment dues. You can have a better insight into the history of all provided services, and also follow up on your leads and track your technicians on a live map, so you can improve their route.

Scheduling Made Easy

Workiz software offers a drag-and-drop, color-coded calendar for better insight into your schedule. A clear schedule can improve your work organization, so technicians never miss their appointments, have faster response time, and therefore bring more money into your company.

Online Booking

More and more people prefer booking services online than making a call. Workiz carpet cleaning scheduling software enables adding the online booking to your site, your Facebook, or other site profiles and help pages. Once a client books a service, it is automatically added to your schedule. Companies that go one step further to meet their customers’ needs get better ratings, turn more leads into customers, increase their revenue, and boost their bottom line.

Customer Notifications

Workiz carpet cleaning service software sends an email or text to your clients, to notify them about their appointment confirmation requests, the time a technician will be on-site, and also online review requests after providing a service.

This notification tool allows you to be well informed all the time. You are also able to add the parameters you find important and receive notifications by text or email.

Easy Invoices and payments

Workiz software provides a tool that enables you to send online payment requests, track unpaid invoices and receive payments so you don’t need to spend lots of time on paperwork, tracking payments and invoicing your clients. This can help you save time so you can focus on other important tasks.

Workiz software enables receiving payments with all of the leading online payment vendors. Aside from these extremely useful features, you will also be able to market and convert leads into customers with their Mail Chimp integration feature.

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