YTFab’s Guide to Successful Marketing on YouTube



YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and can be a huge benefit to businesses and individuals alike. So, here are some tips to market on there. 

1. Be Consistent At Posting Videos Every Week

Building an audience on YouTube is not easy, especially if you are new to this platform. However, you can still succeed in creating an effective YouTube channel as long as you stay focused and be consistent at posting videos every week. Find out how many times you will be required to publish videos on social networks so that you can achieve maximum engagement.

This is a challenging task, and you might want to sacrifice a few hours to come up with quality content. Also, remember to start small using what you have and improve with time.

2. Embed Your Videos On YouTube Channel With Your Blog Content

The second stage is to proceed on with creating a list of top-ranking blog posts. Create videos that cover this niche and publish them on your YouTube channel. After that, embed the same content into your current or most viewed blog post.

When you do this, you will improve your ranking since your videos will get the same amount of views or traffic as your blog post. Furthermore, Google also successfully accepts this as part of your SEO and improves your video ranking when searched on Google videos.

Note: This hack can only work for you if your blog has consistent traffic.

3. Optimize Your YouTube Videos For Better Search

Search optimization cannot be successful without the use of keywords. That is why you should include keywords on both your blog and YouTube videos. Moreover, make sure that you include the keywords in your tags, descriptions, and the title.


Tags are used to categorize all the content. This makes it easy for the audience to find any content that they are looking for on your channel.


Video descriptions should not be short or too long. Therefore, try and use at least the recommended number of words, which is 250.


Use a title that is interesting and actionable so that it can be easy to attract audiences when scrolling through the YouTube search forum.

4. Create Videos That Focus On Your Theme Or Main Topic

Today, it has become more difficult for marketers to build an audience because a lot of content already exists. That is why you might want to publish something unique so that the audience can have an interest in your topic.

You can use the information provided above to conduct further research on various topics that are of great interest to your audience.

5. Be Quick To Capture The Attention Of Your Audience 

Many top-ranking brands can capture the attention of visitors in less than 10 seconds. That means you can either attract the audience or drive them away based on your first impression of the video. To keep viewers glued to your channel, you must start your videos with something breathtaking.

You no longer have to rely on your logo to attract visitors. In today’s digital world, what matters most is having relevant content that is helpful to the audience. Buy YouTube views on YTFab to boost your YouTube channel.

Therefore, to create an interesting and unique video, make sure that it starts with a person doing something important. It can be you talking to another person or addressing the audience directly.

6. Use Video Thumbnail To Capture Audience Attention

When searching for videos on YouTube, many people rely on the thumbnail to find the video they want. That is because thumbnails usually provide a preview of what the video is about. You can attract your audience by using a thumbnail that is engaging and not blurry.

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