Ways To Check Whether The KN95 Mask Is Authentic Or Not



As we can see, there is no visible end to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic in the near future. We have to make sure that we are safe from the clutches of this disease. The best way to protect oneself from the virus is by using the KN95 mask. You must make sure to check whether the masks which you are using are authentic or not. And there are some methods to be sure of this. Check them out below:

Use Of KN95

The KN95 mask ensures protection against minute bacteria and viruses. Any particle that is larger than 0.3 micrometers can be barred from entering the mouth with the help of the KN95 mask. Any fine dust particle or pollen grains can also be stopped from reaching your nose. This means that this mask also protects you from the major kinds of allergies.


The KN95 masks have 5 layers which are composed of different materials that allow the free passage of air and offer protection from microorganisms. There are hydrophobic layers that can help to provide protection against the harmful particles that float in the air or water. These masks are designed to be foldable which also makes it easy to use them on the go.

Number Of Uses

The KN95 masks are single-use, after which they must be disposed of. However, the WHO has stated that using the masks multiple times can be possible if the individual stores the mask carefully in a sterile area. If its exposure and close contact with people are avoided, you can reuse the KN95 mask with breathing valve.


You must make sure that the mask that you have purchased is of authentic quality. You can buy a few of them at a time and try one on. If you set any one of these masks alight, it will melt if it is an authentic KN95 mask. Whereas its fake and cheap-quality variants will burst into flames instead of melting.


There is an alternative to setting the KN95 mask alight to check its authenticity. You can pour a glass of water on the mask and hang it from its tying noose. The water droplets on the mask should fall off instead of sticking to its material if the mask is an authentic one. The air valve which is present in it will let the water out.


The KN95 masks are selectively permeable. You can check their permeability by lighting a candle on one side of the mask and trying to blow it off from the other side. If the mask is authentic, you can see that no matter how hard you blow on the flame, it will keep burning.


Listed above are some of the ways which you can use to check the authenticity of your KN95 mask with breathing valve. It is very essential that you wear these masks during this pandemic time. Follow the social distancing norms and keep using these masks.

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