5 Essential Tips For A Better Snooze



Falling into a deep, sound sleep is a blessing that many people do not enjoy these days. As the pace of life increases with unstoppable demands, you often neglect your health. Sleep becomes a time which can be compromised and reduced to meet other priorities. However, this is a dangerous situation which can lead to aggressive disorders in the physical as well as mental well being of people.

To avoid getting into such extreme situations, one of the best remedies is to get 6-8 hours of deep sleep daily. Prioritise your health and wellbeing first. There is no harm in being a little selfish and avoiding commitments which ask you to give up your sleep. Let us see how you can help yourself catch up on all that lost sleep:

Strong Support

No matter how good your mattress is, you need to have solid support beneath. The importance of a strong solid base cannot be taken lightly. The quality of the mattress is reflected at its highest level when it is placed on a supportive base. The centre of the bed frame should be strong and reliable, with evenly placed wooden slats. This will help to distribute the body weight evenly across the mattress.

Bed Linen which Catches your Eye

The fitted bedsheet, pillow covers, mattress spreads etc which you use on the bed, affects your sleep. You may find this hard to understand as visibly there is no connection. However, the comfort you get as you lay on the bed is what counts.

If you prefer cotton bedsheets which make you feel crisp and airy, that is what you should use. During cold seasons, you may prefer a quilt to keep yourself warm and cosy. Get yourself bed linen after carefully considering your preferences. The colours should also be relaxing and pleasant. Buy colours which soothe your mind. This will help you relax and let go of unnecessary tension.

A Suitable Mattress which gives Comfort

It is important to change your mattress every 7-8 years. The mattress slowly wears off as years pass. Also as the age of the family members increase, their requirements change. If you are suffering from back ailments or joint aches, experts from Wakefit suggest using a mattress that provides relief to such problems.  The mattress comes in different types-soft, medium-firm to firm types. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. So you need to get one that suits your current requirements.

Comfortable Pillows

A good sleep requires a comfortable neck and shoulder support. A comfortable pillow is what you need to get a stress free sleep. The pillow you buy should be according to your sleeping position and the type of mattress. If you get yourself a very soft and plushy pillow you may not get adequate neck support. Similarly, if the pillow is too firm, there will be no relaxation. So get yourself a good quality pillow which satisfies your requirement, This goes a long way to achieving a sound sleep.

Mattress Protector

Use a mattress protector to keep your mattress fresh and clean. Most people lose a lot of sweat while sleeping. When the sweat keeps accumulating, there is a good chance of bacterial infections finding their way into the mattress. It is not possible to disinfect the mattress frequently. So the best possible method is to use a mattress protector.

The above were the 5 physical attributes which aid a great sleep pattern. Now, look at a few pointers which relate your mental well being to your sleeping habits.

  • Conducive Sleep Environment

You should be able to relax during your sleep time. Provide provision for dim lighting and soft music that lulls you to sleep. After a day’s hard work, the best place to lie down should be your bedroom. Make sure this place is tension free. Let go of your daily stress and find solace in your sanctuary.

  • A Clutter-free, Organised Room

Studies have shown that clutter increases your level of agitation. This is why your bedroom should be clutter-free and organised. Space management is the secret to a well-organised room. When you enter your room, your mind releases negative thoughts and allows you to fall into a deep sleep.

  • Proper Sleep Timings

Follow a regular schedule in your daily routine. Your sleep gets disrupted when the timings keep changing. It is best to follow a healthy lifestyle with adequate exercise and a clean diet. Together with this, make sure you have 6-8 hours of sleep time. Eating dinner two hours before sleep helps to enhance the digestion and you get proper sleep.

With the right bedroom accessories, you can prepare a conducive environment which stimulates a sound sleep. Once you get the physical attributes right, pay attention to your inner world. Give your body the healthy food and physical activity required. Keep yourself well hydrated and make sure you are not compromising your sleep schedule. You need your sleep to increase your productivity. Keep this in mind as you start following a healthy lifestyle.

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