Tips for Buying the Readymade Curtains Online


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Do you want to change the present look of your place without making major changing? Along with other home accessories you can go for chanting the curtains or replace the existing curtains with some stylish curtains. For easiest and quickest transformation readymade curtains are the best go-to. They are readily available in many online stores and home decor retailers. Usually buying the curtains online us a bit risky because you cannot check the fabric quality yourself and are supposed to buy the curtains just by looking at them. Before buying the curtains online, read out the guide below. In this guide, we have compiled a few basics so that you can determine the quality online and get what you are searching for. This will also avoid the chance of buying the wrong curtains.

Measure your window

Measure your windows using an inches tape or metal scale for accuracy. Measure the width at least 12-15cm outside the windows track. Double the measured width and add 20cm to it, it will be the width of your curtain. If you are using the finials do not include them in the width. To measure the drop of the curtains, measure the drop from the top of the rod all the way to floor. The drape may vary with your budget and requirements. You can go for the window sill, above the window sill, below the window sill, or all the way to the floor. 

Now that you have all the measurements, consider visiting online stores if the desired curtains exist. If your measurements are standard, you are likely to find the readymade curtains in any online store

Know the purpose of curtains

Readymade curtains come in many fabric materials including both natural and synthetic fabrics. Cotton, silk, linen, sheet, jacquard, microfiber, polyester, and velvet are the most commonly used fabrics when it comes to readymade curtains. Which fabric material to go for, depends on their purpose. For instance, if you want privacy protection, noise blockage, and filter out the excess sunlight heavy, layered or blackout curtains are the best go-to. On the contrary, if you want to fill your place with sunlight, create the illusion of bright and airy space, and want the easy airflow sheer, cotton, and linen fabric curtains stand out. 

To keep the thermals and draughts out, blackout and heavy lined curtains should have opted.

When do you need the curtains?

Readymade curtains are easy often opted for their convenience. They spruce up the existing interior in no time and leave you astonished with the beautiful designs and texture. But the online temptation can sometimes make you wait for the curtains. So order the curtains a week or so before you need them so that they reach them right in time of need.

Consider your budget

Buy what you can without stressing your budget. This does not mean to buy cheap but affordable curtains. As curtains is a lifetime investment and are visible to everyone so they should be of high quality. Readymade curtains are often cheap when compared with the made to measure or custom made curtains so there are a fair chance that you’re likely to get the desired high-quality curtains in your budget. 

But remember not to compromise on the quality, it is worthy to invest a bit today rather than replacing the curtains frequently.

Know about the online store

Buying from a reliable and well-reputed store is necessary for a successful and happy experience. High-quality products are everyone’s right but this factor is often overlooked when it comes to the readymade products because they are being produced at a large scale. In mass production, small details like finishing and hemming are often overlooked. So, if you are buying from an online store(Oxford Home Ware) that produces readymade curtains massively you are likely to make a compromise on the quality.

It is also worthy to read the customers reviews. Note if the store has any returning buyers if it does consider consulting them for assuring that the money you are about to invest is worth it?

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