Dangers of Untreated Shoulder Pain and the Road to Recovery and Prevention


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If you are suffering from shoulder pain after car accident and the injuries are left untreated with no medical attention, it is about time that you start considering this as a serious medical threat to your overall health.

Shoulders and Rotator Cuffs

We can call our shoulder joint injuries as rotator cuff injuries as well. The reason behind this terminology is that it enables a significant amount of mobility at the upper extremity. The shoulder is protected and strengthened by many soft tissues. These soft tissues include the rotator cuff as well as the labrum of the shoulder.

Due to the overconsumption of engaging in certain activities or being a part of an accident, you are more prone to damaging predefined function arm motions. This can cause internal injuries such soft tissues may quickly be damaged. For the future, the inability to receive professional treatment for shoulder complications will contribute to serious shoulder problems.

Common Causes of Rotator Cuff Injuries

There are multiple causes of rotator cuff injuries. Some of the most common reasons why people might suffer from a rotator cuff injury are:

  • • Shoulders damage, in the shape of clear hits, can sometimes cause intense shoulder damage. This can result in torn down muscles and a highly-restricted range of motion.
  • Falling on an arm that is outstretched arm can put all your weight on one side of the body, cause an immense imbalance which can eventually lead to internal injuries.
  • Overworking the joints of the shoulders that involve rotation for a prolonged period can damage the muscles.
  • Tendons can face wear and tear over time especially if you are someone of age. As you grow and age, your body especially the joints and tendons become much weaker.

Types of Rotator Cuffs

There are two types of rotator cuffs that can be damaged in an unwanted accident and can also cause shoulder pain after a car accident. You may categorize them as follows:

  • Partial tear
  • Total tear

Partial tear

A partial tear is the type of rotator cuff that does not let the rotator muscles to cut completely. We can say that the muscles are torn from a side or the middle but they are not a hundred percent ripped apart. This means that a partial tear has better chances of recovery but is still pretty dangerous.

Total Tear

In other words, medical experts like to call it a full-thickness tear. This is the cut that people dread having as it destroys the muscles in a way that they are split into two different muscles. A total tear is normally caused by severe accidents and it does take a prolonged period of time to recover.

Both there rotator cuff damages are serious on their own, but, one thing you should never do is to let them heal on their own. Multiple complications can stand in your way if you don’t show up at your doctors’ as soon as possible.

Reasons Why You Might Suffer From a Rotator Cuff Tear

There are multiple risk factors involved with people suffering from a rotator cuff. Some of the most common reasons reported in the hospitals for rotator cuff injuries are:

  • Playing sports that involve a lot of arm movement may end up damaging the muscles and tendons in your body. For example baseball, tennis, and even swimming. For people who don’t visit or take regular chiropractic sessions even after regular sports or exerting too much on the field have more chances of a deteriorated rotator cuff.
  • Aging is another factor that contributes greatly to the damage of shoulder muscles. Many people over the age of forty have reported feeling some kind of tension in their shoulders. Normally doctors recommend staying in touch with an active lifestyle that can solve the problem.
  • Lifting heavy objects on a regular basis or hitting the gyms but lifting those weights in the wrong way can also be a reason you have damaged shoulder muscles an internal injuries.
  • One of the main reasons is that your shoulders may damage is the fact that you are too lazy and your life suffers from an immense lack of activity.
  • Being in an accident even a minor one where your body experiences a few jerks and bolts can also be a cause of muscle damage and rotator cuff injury.

Complications with an Untreated Shoulder Injury

If you don’t get your shoulder injury treated even after experiencing a significant amount of pain in your there can be several complications that may arise in your body. For starters, we can say that if the rotator cuff damage is not dealt with immediately and sufficient medical attention is not provided, the injury will develop and grow with time.

There are certain other health risks that can also develop in the body. However, that depends completely on the complexity and severity of the injury. Some of the risks and injuries that an individual might have to face are:

  • Capsulitis
  • Arthropathy with cuff drops
  • Sympathetic dystrophy

With people who are suffering from complex shoulder injuries, even medicinal procedures like surgery can also make it more complicated. Therefore on-time medical treatment is highly advised.

Prevention from Shoulder Injuries

Preventing yourself from the injury can be used as an important part of therapy and medical treatment involved in treating the injured shoulders. Risky medical care will do a great deal to prevent the creation of further health complications and injuries.

Athletes, particularly those participating in throwing and overhead activities, and staff with excessive shoulder pain should be made aware of all the risk factors of developing a shoulder injury and how it can deteriorate your health over time.


Shoulder pain after card accident have become quite common in a certain group of people who vigorously involve their shoulders in their day to day tasks. There is more than one kind of rotator cuff injury and if it is not treated on time, it certainly can make your health a complicated matter. Make sure that you seek medical services as soon as you see something is wrong with your shoulders.

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