8 Smart Tips To Care For Your Real And Faux Leather Jackets



The trend to spark our simple casual looks through layering a leather outerwear never goes out of style. As a matter of fact, it is one of the elite street styles that sometimes, make us dig a hole in our pockets in order to afford. 

Essentially, no matter what form of this fashion staple we choose to add in our wardrobe, the need for proper maintenance exists for all! Yes, in spite of being the most durable and exquisite materials known to mankind, leather encompasses the tendency to wear and tear. And hence, calls for suitable care and attentive measures to ‘survive’ as well as uphold its actual shape. 


Real leather is created through the skin of animals. In few instances, it is produced from the skin of sheep, buffalo and goat. If you move towards the exotic side, you will get to witness the material being manufactured from alligator and snake hide.

But the most common one considered for the production of leather is the hide of cow. Being thick in nature, it is divided into layers that are classified as:


1. Full Grain Leather:


This is the most superior and understandably, the high-end form of leather that involves the total removal of hide grain, making it extremely strong and damage-resistant.  

Due to its durability and rigidness like brilliant qualities, the form of leather is generally considered for the making of products that can bear the pressure of demanding use such as utility belts and handgun holster. 

BUT- that does not restrict its use to such items as you can also find goods like dress belt, work boots and briefcases made from it.  


2. Top Grain Leather:


When a product says it is made from ‘fine leather’, it’s when you get the second-best quality of leather in hand, known as the top-grain leather. 

Technically speaking, it is derived when a damaged or flawed part of the full-grain leather is removed and fixed through some artificial grain. It is later dyed to create some expensive but somewhat affordable luxury items like bags, purses and wallets. 

Speaking from the quality standpoint, this form of the leather is not as tough as full grain. But let’s not forget, it has a good finishing touch that gives its products a look that appears too refined to the eyes. 


3. Genuine Leather:


At last there is genuine leather that may not be as high quality, finished, tough or long-lasting in nature, but owing to its affordability, the use of it is far more common against the two. 

The kind of leather is basically produced from the remains of hide- when the good part is safely removed. It is later colored and stuck to other similar leather so that it can be utilized to produce economical and average quality goods like belt, shoes and purses.


Faux Leather is a manmade invention that is also called as synthetic and artificial leather. It is a fabric that is aimed to look and feel exactly like real leather, but sounds friendlier to your pocket. 

While faux is a general term frequently used to address the kind, people may also regard it koskin and leatherette that are terms depicting the end uses of a certain creation.

Let’s take koskin for example. It is a specific form of artificial leather that is widely utilized to produce consumer goods. On the other hand, leatherette is one that is considered for crafting clothes. 

The Creation of Faux Leather:

As an attempt to bear a resemblance and texture to real leather, a plastic base is taken to undergo certain procedures like:

  • Treating with wax
  • Dying / polyurethane for color and touch

Since the fabric goes through a continuous chain of chemical processes, it generally ends up having a plastic-like smell. 

General types of Faux Leather:

Faux leather encompasses a variety of kinds with two being the most common ones in our day to day lives. These are:


  • Polyurethane also known as PU:


This is a specific type that is breathable and hence, largely used for the production of clothing.


  • Polyvinyl chloride generally shortened as PVC-Vinyl:


In rare instances, you will spot any clothing being produced of it as it is nowhere around PU when breathability is concerned. But you will come across boots, upholstery and a wide range of automobile interiors generated through it. 

Overall Quality of Faux Leather:

This is one long lasting material that does not lose color in the sun or get damaged that easy. In point of fact, it has the tendency to bear moderate to extreme handling without demanding much of your maintenance time. Yet, that does not negate the need for it at all. 

As faux leather does not ‘age gracefully’ like real leather owing to its inability to develop that quality looking patina, it needs preventive measures to lengthen its beauty, freshness, performance and appeal in the time ahead. 


All sorts of goods manufactured from real and faux leather need time to time care, and so a leather jacket is no exception. Even if it’s full grain or top grain leather you are wearing, the need for smart maintenance exists for all.

Well to ease your worries, we have come up with 8 quick tips to help you prolong the life of your leather jacket and maintain its softness, beauty and texture in the passing years. 




We always crave the boost we get from dressing up smart but bear in mind that leather wears are not a good choice for rainy weathers. Hence, skip the idea of wearing it. If not, make sure your jacket is completely dry before you hang it back into your closet. 


The first step to keep it fresh is immediately removing any liquid you have accidently spilled on it. Remember, the rule is to use gentle hands and not harsh rubbing for the wiping purpose. 

Once the liquid is removed, let it get some fresh air so that it gets completely dry. Avoid hair dryer or any sort of heat producing element for quick drying. 




This valuable possession of yours may turn dry with time, hence, do not ignore the fact that this drying is accordingly treated with a good quality leather conditioner. Simply massage it all over and clean the extra agent through some soft fabric.




People generally fold their leather outerwear while accommodating it into their closet, which is a practice highly discouraged by the experts. According to them, it increases the risks of creases or in extreme cases, causes cracks. 

Hence, make sure you hang your leather jacket in a closet that has no exposure to sunlight- but air. Plus, don’t squeeze it aggressively with other hangings and allow it enough space. 




The best is to prefer a padded hanger and not wire while hanging it safely into your wardrobe. In case you don’t and mistakenly go for the latter one, chances are that your garment will develop strange bumps encompassing the shoulder area, which will understandably affect its splendor.  




As hinted earlier, heat can damage your leather as it has the potential to steal away moisture. Once the moisture is taken, the leather starts to become dry and prone to cracks. Hence, never keep it closer to a heating vent or radiator. Besides, do not steam it unless you are an expert – forget about ironing!




It’s always good if you choose professional cleaning for your leather jacket– if not very often, then once every year. Indeed, some people are good at doing this job on their own, which generally involves using some products specially dedicated for the cleaning purpose. 

But let’s not forget, an expert masters the knowledge needed to safely clean the stains, fix cracks and restore its freshness, without any harm. 

Plus, certain forms of leather require dry cleaning whereas other demands wet. Other factors are also considered like the color and style. Hence, seek professional help to avoid any mishap. 


If you want to multiply its life and beauty with time and are eager to witness that mesmerizing rugged look in the coming years, then store it right. Yes it’s that simple.  

Firstly, get your jacket in a padded hanger and cover it in a fabric bag. Now hang it into a closet that is free from any degree of sunlight, moisture and heat. Make sure you air your garment more frequently so that the development of mold can be avoided. 


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