Who Is Servanity?



Audio Visual artist, CEO, podcaster; take a deeper look into who Servanity really is.

Servanity continues to make a mark as she ventures deeper into creativity and a number of business ventures.

Born and raised in North London; Tottenham was where Servanity called home. Growing up with a St Lucian father and Jamaican mother, Servanity left home at 17 to live in central London where she began working numerous jobs to ‘make ends meet’. Over the next few years she would write a series of short stories, spoken word pieces and short comedy skits. Having always been a free spirit at heart Servanity feels much of her inspiration in life, motivation for moving to Asia, and musical ear was due to her brother. “Life hits hard but my brother has always accepted me for me and encouraged me to be myself; whoever that may be”.

Early 2014 Servanity moved to Asia to work in digital media where she lived in a 1 bedroom apartment overlooking a beautiful private pool and courtyard in Hong Kong. 6 months later she moved to Tokyo, Japan. Subsequently she briefly lived in China, then backpacked in Thailand before moving to South Korea in 2015 returning to London 6 months later.

Tottenham has a strong history in music which has contributed to Servanity’s boasy personality. “I am not completely a product of my environment but it has definitely helped shape who I am. Overcoming hardships from a young age prepared me for challenges that I face and made me realise I can achieve anything I set my mind to, it’s just about consistency and hard work”.

Servanity first gained recognition after she published her first piece of art entitled; “Pengame freestyle” in 2018 and subsequent a series of creative projects soon followed. Priding herself on transparency in her art, Servanity prefers only to rap about things from personal experiences. “Some artists create projects that are completely fiction. It’s an individual’s prerogative to create as they wish however I prefer to only speak on what I know. Facts”

Servanity performed her first ever show in Los Angeles, USA. The reception was unexpected. The audience recorded her performance with their phones and the host even asked Servanity if she could perform another song. 

Servanity’s recognition has continued to grow after her London performance at United Vibes also in 2019.

Since March 2020 she continues to release weekly freestyle videos which has helped to build up her brand.

In line with her media design & photography/videography business BOSS LADY TV (BLTV); Servanity’s projects always has a sense of female empowerment. She calls herself a “Suffragette not a Suffragist” and this is often relayed in her work.

Aside from creativity; Servanity is also part of BLK Anon; a movement which has started out as a podcast. 

Recently she partnered with a friend to start events entertainment business; Nimz n Bibz Entertainment.

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