Meet The renowned legend of Italian cuisine – Cristian Marino



How one chef cuts a carrot may vary from the next chef. Similarly, the choice of ingredients for a recipe also changes according to a chef’s palate and the ethos.

Whether it is beef from Italy, or coffee from Indonesia, a good chef knows how to make a perfect blend of two and serve them accordingly. One great example of this is Chef Consultant Cristian Marino from Italy.

Cooking is just a blend of science and art. Moreover, there are tons of techniques and skills that need to be learned, but it’s with these skills that you will create amazing dishes that will impress everyone. However, being in the kitchen is all about creating new ideas and taking risks. A chef must always be willing to try something new. Moreover, the creativity inspires a food’s taste and presentation, which is also hugely important to the overall dining experience. And this creativity needs to be passionate and everlasting, just like what Chef Consultant Cristian Marino offers.

Meet Chef Consultant Cristian Marino

Chef Consultant Cristian Marino is a chef consultant from Italy who is famous for working in 5-star hotels and has an experience of more than 20 years and in 30 different countries.

Cristian believes that contemporary Italian cuisine is based on following concepts: intention, passion, consistency, character, style and authenticity. However, some of these concepts, like style, have been overused and possibly lost some of their strength along with authenticity, but being truly authentic to yourself and culinary style is not to be taken for granted.

Moreover, Cristian also advices to worry less about your mistakes and also you should try to overcome them. Moreover, one should always dine with their family.

Talking About Cristian Marino’s Early Life

A local restaurant in Calabria which was owned by his parents’ was also the place where Cristian had first learned to cook delicious food. However, in order to explore the world, just before leaving Italy, Cristian had to be sure that he attained enough of what Italy has to offer by working in different regions inside Italy. Moreover, he had left the south for the north where he studied at the ‘E. Maggia“ institute in Stresa’ on the Maggiore Lake.

“Cristian had also worked in Indonesia just before the COVID-19 situation. Most of his career has been spent with working with international brands, travelling in Silversea (6 Star Cruise Ship), working in Radisson Blue and Intercontinental. Moreover, he was also hired as the preopening Executive Chef for a 4 Star hotel, a 5 Star hotel and the largest ballroom in East Java, Indonesia for the Marriott hotel chain.”

We never know in which part of the world will we see Chef Cristian Marino cooking for some special occasion, implementing a new menu or helping others to open a new restaurant or F&B outlets.

If you ever visit Emirates and would like to try some delicious cuisine, Chef Consultant Cristian Marino is the person to be remembered.

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