How is the Programmatic Advertisement measured?


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Programmatic advertisement, also called programmatic marketing is an automated technique for online advertisements. It is real-time online marketing of ad inventory through a bidding system. This kind of advertising enables brands and marketing agencies to buy ad impressions on publisher sites or apps. Using Programmatic Advertising, interested advertisers can use artificial intelligence, machine learning and real-time bidding (RTB) to create ads and purchase of ad space automatically. The programmatic advertising introduces a detailed system that is less dependent on humans and more on programs.

This article has a brief description of the metrics used to measure programmatic advertising.

Last Click

The ‘last click’ is the metric of programmatic advertisement, which measures the last clicks of advertisements. It estimates whether an ad was last clicked before purchase or not. This means if someone desires to buy any product or service, then he/she have to click on the advertisement which displays the product. That advertisement is directly liable for the conversion.

This metric does not bother the effect of other channels and user interactions. It allows every user to pass through its portal and shop items they choose. Every customer gets the chance individually to do online marketing.

Like any other digital advertising strategies, programmatic advertising 101 also needs to be monitored and manipulated. This ‘last click’ metric got top priority in the choice of metrics to measure programmatic advertisements.

View and Click

The ‘View and Click’ is the metric of programmatic advertisement, which measures the number of views and clicks. It estimates the number of views and clicks that are earned by advertisements. It also compares the number of views and clicks to the conversions and conversion rate. This means that people can see an ad many times before clicking on it. But the impressions play a crucial part in gaining the clicks.

This metric is also highly in trends. Many businessmen and business owners desire to get good financial results through the advertisements. If any ad fails to generate sales or leads, then it will be tough for the business to create its market.

The ‘View and Click’ metric is also a well-known and one of the favourites. Programmatic advertisements are measured by this technique also by many advertisers.

Test and Control

The ‘Test and Control’ is the metric of programmatic advertisements that measures the whole buyer journey. It estimates the entire buyer journey by attaining the impressions, clicks and conversions of an advertisement. It also checks upon the paid strategies which are manifested with other channels like social, organic and email.

This metric needs immense dedication and time. While using the test and control metric, a customer data platform (CDP) can make the advertisement works easier. These CDPs amass all the marketing, advertising and customer data which can be viewed and analysed later.

The ‘Test and Control’ metric is the third metric which is used for measuring programmatic advertisements. It is used by innumerable advertisers who are advertising their business, products and even entrepreneurs are also using it.

Advantages of Programmatic Advertisement

Usually, the above-said measuring tools (metrics) are used predominantly for estimation of programmatic advertisements. Well, let us know about some advantages of programmatic advertising in businesses.

  • Real-time updates and insights: Programmatic advertising offers real-time updates about the performance of the advertisement campaigns. Advertisers can use this campaign data to collect more info about target customers.
  • Increased targeting ability: Programmatic advertisement campaigns always target a slot of the audience and run the campaign there. Using the tools enhances the capability of targeting interested customers.
  • Can cause better use of budget: Due to the provision of real-time updates, advertisers can invest in avenues that can give them optimal results.
  • Can track fraud ads efficiently: Programmatic advertisements can track down fraudulent advertisements very quickly.


Programmatic Advertisements give a lot of facilities to business advertisers. The campaigns run under this system can offer lots of profits to businesses if campaigning is done efficiently. The above-said three metrics are used to estimate the programmatic advertising, which is very reliable and can be used easily.

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