Temp agency Portland: funding employment for multiple business



As a temp agency, Order Fulfillment Experts we take full responsibility for paying the workers we sent to a firm and help them by cutting out the legwork and connecting them directly with the desired client.

We promise to provide beneficial services for both employees and employers. As for employers scheduling interviews with recruiters.

What makes us different?

We offer you work without overhead costs, you don’t have to pay for sick leaves or health care. We don’t bound you with any contract, you have to do the assigned assignment in the desired time to get paid.

In temp agency Portland, We set you up with skilled staffing experts, saving your time and our money, as mentoring new employees demand both time and cost. When your job is done you get paid by us instantly without worrying about severance pay.

How to reach us?

We offer you to apply in temp agency Portland online as well as in person, we demand a professional CV, we expect you to highlight your weaknesses and strengths during an interview.

You should be mastered in the skills you are offering us to stand out in 1000 applicants. After you get selected it will be our responsibility to run a background check, drug testing and we can even fire you if you failed to stand out on our expectations.

How we help you grow as an employer?

As an experienced agency, we have a lot to offer, but it’s on you to avail of our experience in networking and client dealing. We offer all the resources to engage new talent even to the point of offering long term jobs.

Yes, we are offering our employees long term jobs if they succeed to develop a healthy relationship with their featuring company and boost our reputation. Temp agency Portland also offers capable candidates dental, vision, and health insurance.

Put your best foot forward

Our reputation is depended on the quality of work you produce, the better you work the better reviews you get; temp agencies are of the most competitive business available in the market.

To succeed forward, you really need to develop a trustworthy relationship with your recruiter and open yourself to different challenges. One of the other things that can lead you to immense success is being open to advice and mentorship, you can never know enough.

What have we achieved so far?

After being in business for the last 10 years, we have developed a long term relationship with top-rated marketing companies in Portland listing, Precision Castparts, Berkadia Commercial Mortgage, The Standard, and PepsiCo.

Having a great reputation in the upper market gives us the privilege of getting our employees paid justly and giving them applicable benefits and opportunities if needed.

We have successfully produced 200000 jobs in the last 10 years, and landed 5 top marketing firms out of Portland, increasing our employment rates by 27%.

How we pay for you?

After you finish your interview, you get hired by us instead of the company you will be working with, Temp agency Portland will be responsible for your all financial problems and wages.

We will be generating that money out of the company’s pocket that we are responsible for providing employees for, if the client is paying 100$ an employee will get 85$ and we will keep the other 15$ for providing our services.

All legal work will be done between the company and our agency in advance, the employee will have no say in it.


The temp agency Portland will be befitting the companies by hiring the right and perfect candidate they requested cutting all the HR-related work. We will be taking full responsibility for our candidate including his background, work, and insurance.

At the same time, we will be befitting the employee by cutting all the legal and legwork and finding a perfect job matched with their skills. We will be providing them with insurance, giving them immunity from all money-related issues.

What we require in return is honesty from both employee and employer so we can benefit both on our best, companies should be regular on payments and employee should be doing best to entertain the client and our agency

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