How to Choose Best Mattress for Heavy People – Buyer’s Guide



Heavy People usually don’t keep in mind the firmness, quality, and thickness of the mattress before buying it and later face problems.


Most of the time, when people buy a mattress, they are unaware of the fact that something such as ‘mattress suiting your physique’ exists. Due to this reason, they buy the product that they think will provide them comfort. But mostly, it only results in sleepless and tiresome nights.

Guide to Choose Best Mattress for Heavy People

The thing that you should know before you buy a best mattress for heavy people is that the firmness of the mattress plays an important role in your stressed muscles or pressure points and a fatigued body. The firmness of the mattress is measured on a scale from one to ten. The density of the item keeps on increasing from number one.


If you have a heavy build, then a firm mattress will be suitable for you. As a soft mattress will make you sink in the material, your pressure points and spine alignment can be affected by it. On the other hand, a mattress made of firm material will support the structure of your body and keep all sorts of muscle lethargy away as you lay down.

If you like strong support, then hybrid and spring mattresses are the best as the material they are made of is highly durable and will keep your structure in proper shape. A bouncy mattress is recommended more for heavy people as they allow you to easily toss and turn while sleeping. Non-responsive items will make you feel like you have been stuck in a single place for hours.


Contouring or conforming is another special trait that your mattress should have. This attribute helps to relieve the stress that has been pent up in your shoulders, hips, and other joints. Spring mattresses are perfect for serving this purpose as the springs inside keep changing their pressure depending upon the person’s posture.

Heavy Build

Mattresses of the high or medium profile are preferable to people of heavy build, as softer mattresses sink to an uncomfortable level due to the weight. The mattress should be medium-firm or extra firm, to support the body of heavy people properly.

Types of Mattress for Heavy People

Certain types of mattresses that are best for heavy people are discussed below:

Foam mattresses will be a good choice if you like close conform, but the foam mattresses are bound to wear out sooner than other mattresses, but without a doubt, they fulfill their duty to their utmost. You can adjust and change the firmness of an air mattress. These mattresses are suitable for people of all body types due to their effective characteristics.

Latex mattresses are best for heavy people as they are more durable and won’t wear out easily due to its latex material. Innerspring mattresses are also an excellent choice because of their resilience. They provide good conformance to the user. Hybrids, due to their mixed materials, also prove to be great in the comparison of other mattresses.


So, you have to consider the build of your body to buying an ideal mattress that will give you a good and relaxing break from work. If you are not careful in choosing a mattress, then later you might regret it when you will have to wake up in the middle of the night just because you don’t feel comfortable in your bed.

You should keep in check the following things when you buy a mattress, your weight, quality of the mattress, its thickness, and its type. If these things suit you, then that mattress is best for you.

Keep in mind that soft mattresses are not best for heavy sleepers as they wear out easily from the midsection. The firmness of the mattress should be ideal for your weight; only then will it become an ideal place to rest.

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