Discovering the Brasa Gang


Life style

The Brasa Gang is a musical group born in 2015

known and loved by the public for their meaningful texts and a sound that is very reminiscent of the American one.

They are artists born and raised in Sicily more precisely in Sciacca, their songs have found remarkable success and I am defined as a breath of fresh air in the Italian rap scene, their producer.


Tony Zarr produced most of their tracks in a really professional way and his creations have been highly appreciated by rap lovers.


We find two rappers within the collective Mesca “23 years” and Jameflow “21 years” different but equal artists, they are different mainly for the way of writing on the one hand we have Jameflow with its texts with impressive poetics on the other Mesca with more raw and direct texts, we also notice a strong aesthetic difference between the two but what unites them is certainly the ‘love for the music.


Their independent project looks very interesting given their results which are comparable to artists under major majors, to date, working as independent has become possible with the support of platforms for music distribution with which artists, even without the help of the majors, can bring up a project worthy of note as in their case.


Teamwork has certainly benefited this collective a lot since in the creation of a song there are numerous processes in fact in this group each member has a very specific role, from the creation of the lyrics to the beats to the mixes and masters to then finalize everything within their recording studio founded in 2019.

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