Must watch Beauty Influencer and Model: Lynn Anna Lafreniere


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Lynn Anna is a fashion model turned beauty blogger that mainly blogs about Asian beauty products and techniques. Her modeling presence has helped her to obtain over 116,000 followers on her Instagram account. 


Lynn Anna’s enthusiasm for Asian beauty products began as a fashion

model in Shanghai, working with the absolute best makeup artists

in Asia to discover the stunning society encompassing Asian

skincare products. She cherished how Asian skincare companies used a combination of essential ingredients and innovative methods to deliver top-notch items.   

Instead of just simply being an influencer based off of her charm, she decided to use her popularity to branch off in new directions. She now has a very successful blog where she shares beneficial skincare and wellness advice with her audience.  

What is more captivating about Lynn Anna is her genuine passion for helping individuals. This adds an admirable quality to her online personality. Her energy really draws in the vast majority. Her latest IGTV videos and Instagram stories have been not only fun to watch but also really inspiring and wellness focused. 

For example, she has not only shared beauty tips but has also emphasized the importance of staying hydrated and eating nutritious foods.


Be sure to check her out on her Instagram and blog for her latest advice and adventures!


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