Important Lessons to Remember As Virtual Events Gain Popularity



The event planning industry has undergone changes amidst the pandemic. It is no longer possible to conduct physical events in this scenario. At a time where social distancing has become so important, most companies are switching to online mode of conducting event- but to actually make the events successful is not an easy task.

Most of the companies have never faced such a crisis before and online forum is comparatively a new area that still remains to be explored fully. But as we know, we learn from experience and both failures and victories teach as lessons.

In this article, let’s discuss the important lessons you should learn as we slowly proceed towards the new normal.

Virtual Events Can Work In All Markets

If you have double thoughts whether virtual event will work in “your” market, you need not worry. Virtual conferences can work in any types of businesses such as health and fitness, sports, travelling, education, real estate, trade and what not. No matter how big and small the business is, virtual events can easily achieve success with proper planning and implementation.

The point to be remembered is that if your business holds a strong audience virtual events will enhance it moreover. And even if you are the first one to experiment this in your niche, don’t be afraid to take the first step. You will have a bigger reach and consequently better effectiveness and visibility.

Lesson 1- Always Have an Alternative Plan

Conducting online events can be tricky. In a world, where everything can be done with the click of a button, it is very important to remain cautious. Even if you feel your Plan A has no loopholes, it is advisable to always have a Plan B as a backup. These types of alternative plans always help you out in critical times.

Lesson 2- Make The Event User Friendly

Like any physical events, it is important to prioritize the attendees and their needs in virtual forums as well. All the steps that an attendee needs to follow to take part should be user friendly and effortless. The course of the event should be useful and interesting. It is necessary to establish proper interaction between the hosts and the attendees.

Lesson 3- Choose The Online Platform Wisely

Choosing an effective and safe online platform for conducting your event is very necessary. Security breaches are a big no-no and it is always necessary to have the trust of your customers. Your event should be secured and free from any security threats.

Lesson 4- Focus On Promotion

You need to plan your launching activities properly. It is the one of the most important criteria to make your event a success. Promote your event in various social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; it attracts highest attendees.

However, remember the mantra that quality is always over quantity. Target your audience but do not tire them with same advertisements everywhere. Therefore try to share your plans to audience in an effective and strategic way.

Lesson 5- Develop A Crisp Content

It is advisable to construct your event agenda beforehand. You cannot expect to have the attention of your attendees all the time especially when it is a virtual event. Try to make your content as crisp and to the point as possible. Narrowing down your agenda and discussing a specific topic will help the customers and your event will be more effective.

Lesson 6- Get Sponsors For Your Event

The success of your event also depends on the sponsors. Higher sponsorship will lead your event towards better greater potentiality. Approach the sponsors and educate them about your event. Make them understand how they will benefit from taking part in your event and what your defined goals are.

Lesson 7- Post Event Agenda

Never undermine the importance of having a post event agenda. Your job as an event manager continues even after the event ends. Gather feedback and opinions from the customers to understand how you fared. Plan your investment after the event and how you want you want you move toward towards greater growth and new opportunities.


However, it should be remembered that learning is a long and ongoing process. Every new event will bring some new lessons for you. So, embrace the process and remember that anyone can be successful if you work hard and as well as work smartly.

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