Why the Coronavirus Pandemic has Taught Businesses to Invest in IT Infrastructure



The coronavirus pandemic has shown the world that it’s deeply unprepared to handle a global pandemic. It’s also shown the world that it’s economically unviable for things to go on this way without building better tech. 

Another reason is that there is a huge need for wireless communication and information transfer right now. Hence, companies and governments around the world are working on greater IT infrastructure. 

People Need Quick Access to Information 

During the pandemic, the need for a solid communication system is needed. While people have adopted video conferencing apps like Zoom[1]; that isn’t a complete solution. One clear indication that businesses are investing in communications has been the uptick in cloud investments. During the coronavirus, IT infrastructure in this structure has boomed. 

The main cloud computing players in the market have seen investments go up to $29 billion in Q1 2020.[2] People need quick access to their information and need it safeguarded against hackers too. With hacks on the rise and communications channels in need, cloud investments are naturally on the rise. 

The Future of Content Marketing 

During this pandemic AKA COVId-19 many companies have started to pivot to offering various types of digital marketing services. One of these companies is KISS PR Story Newswire that started offering 100% free press releases services.  As per CEO statement, we will continue to offer free pr services to any business free subject to meeting our guidelines says Qamar Zaman. 

Future Jobs Will Need Better Tech Infrastructure

Economic recovery won’t just depend on people going back to their old jobs after the pandemic. Fundamental changes will have to be made on several levels to ensure people’s safety. More than that, people will have to build better tech infrastructure to modernize those businesses. While 5G towers, IoT and AI are great, there are too few devices out there to take advantage. Not to mention, there aren’t enough devices out there that are protected through encryption and biometric identification. 

Hence, the White House American Workforce Policy Advisory Board has called for building better IT infrastructure[3]. They have announced “unprecedented investment” in digital infrastructure. This board includes members like Apple CEO Tim Cook and Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson. 

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