How do crypto signals work ?



Trading signals or trading calls are probably one of the most sought after service by traders and especially the cryptocurrency traders. Trading bitcoin or any other coin in the cryptocurrency world is not very easy even if the exchanges like Bitmex, Bybit or Binance want you to think so.

The path or a crypto trader

Trading is easy if you don’t care if you lose or not. If you want to be consistently profitable well … that’s another thing. Trading profitable and in the long run requires expertise and experience. What i mean by experience is that you, as a trader will know losses, it’s inevitable so with losses or fails you will get experience. What did i do wrong, did i enter this crypto trade correctly, did i exit too soon ?

These are all questions that traders pose themselves when they are beginners and not only. 

On the other hand, trading is a mental game, slip up a little and your trade can go from a total win to a total loss. Hold on strong and your trade can go from a total disaster to a neutral position or even a win. Psy trading is difficult, many people get burned whith this and sometimes never come back.

How to remove all the dangerous aspects or crypto trading ?

Multiple answers for different types of investors.

  • You can automate trading with trading bots
  • You can invest in a cryptocurrency investment fund
  • You cant trade using crypto trading signals

Trading with a crypto trading bot

Trading with a bot eliminates the psychological aspect of trading but leaves you exposed to errors in the strategy. The trading strategies used must be concrete proof in order to cover multiple types of crypto markets. Some bots require programming knowledge , some don’t . There are several bots you can use right now, like Cryptohopper or 3Commas, which are known mostly for their user interfaces. The strategy part is still in your hands.

Investing in a cryptocurrency hedge fund

Investing in a crypto fund is the most passive way of investing into crypto. Investing in a fund means that the fund will manage all your assets for you and create profit. The problem here is that there are a lot of scams and not really much real ones around. 

Trading using crypto trading signals

In my opinion , this is the best way to at least start trading crypto. Trading using crypto signals is like learning to ride the bike with helper wheels and MORE. 

Basically you join a paid channel and you get an entry price, multiple take profit levels and a stop loss. There are a lot of experienced traders that use trading signals that help them confirm their trading plans.

You can find bitmex signals, binance signals, bybit signals, so basically signals for any type of asset and exchange.


Trading seems easy but it really isn’t , find yourself a good crypto trading signal provider, learn your analysis, look at the news , analyse and hit that BUY button

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