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I, robinxrf, am a budding artist in the music industry. I first started my journey like any other teen with dreams in his eyes! I’m Robin Faes, an 22-year-old from Switzerland who decided to give these dreams a shot.

With many hobbies and interests, I had numerous ideas to work on and just as many plans to execute. That’s why you will find everything from games and tutorials to my real-life experiences and vlogs on my YouTube channel. Started in March 2011, today I have as many as 11.5k subscribers on the channel and an ever-growing community on my other social media accounts as well. I love to engage in phone photography from time to time and my Instagram account is a testament to it, full of pictures of my travel adventures with close to 50k people by my side following me on my journeys and supporting me.

My EverGrowing Passion For Music

My journey as a music producer started with my ever-growing passion for music. Regardless to say, I was determined to put in the effort and ready to take the first step. Today, I am a verified artist on Spotify with a huge number of monthly listeners and a positive response to the three singles I dropped this year. Some of my most popular hits are Night Sky, Rainbow drop, and Velvet, each with more than 1,000 streams on Spotify itself! You can also find my music on Apple Music and YouTube. If you like my music, make sure you like and share my work, and subscribe to my channels. Your support means the world to me and that’s my motivation to produce more music for you!

So be it taking the first step towards success or chasing all my goals till they’re achieved, I am prepared to do it all. I have always believed that to live life to the fullest, one must also hustle hard and give 100% in realizing all their dreams. As an artist, I am trying my best to produce the best quality music that people like you and I will enjoy. My social media platforms are open for all, whether you are a music enthusiast or just like to indulge in melodies sometimes, or even if you want to travel the world with me! I am open to all reviews, critiques, and feedback on my music as that is what will help me grow and work harder to make my music better!

Connect With Me To See The Innovation 

Join me on my journey of cars, travel, photography, and music now! Discover amazing artists, and help me grow and get the recognition an artist deserves. Tap on the links below and be a part. Apart from the official accounts, you can also add me on Snapchat @robinxrf to see my daily adventures!

Music has always helped me in various ways. And I feel, with the right kind of music, people unite. Music is that powerful, you see. Many studies have shown the amazing effects of music on people of all age groups. It can bring back memories, make you feel a certain way, as well as calm you down or get you all pumped up! Some of the most amazing proven benefits of music are that it evokes strong emotions and improves mood, relieves stress and anxiety.





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