How do you get FlipaClip on PC, Windows 10 Download for Free !



FlipaClip on PC:- Cartoons and simple animations are on a huge trend lately and people are tending to buy simple clips of animation for huge prices in the market, As games and animated movies are at a sky rise, So is animation. Thus today we will be talking about an easy to understand and the best Animator application that is very handy and available easily, and the app is FlipaClip on PC.

What exactly is FlipaClip on PC?

FlipaClip is an android, ios application that is available for smartphones, this application is a very easy to use and amazing application that allows users to create amazing animations on a very easy note, So basically this app is even easier to use than photoshop and illustrator combined.

As here you can easily Create your creations be it Sketching, Drawing or even tracing This app will provide you the finest drawing experience that you will not find anywhere else.

This application will help you to learn Clip by clip Aka Frame by frame animation so that people can understand the basic aesthetics of animation and what not.

This app today we will be downloading it on PC with the help of an emulator called Genymotion, Which will allow us to run this app on PC with no issues.

SO now let’s have a look onto its features :-

Features of the Great FlipaClip on PC:-

Features of the Flipaclip PC version are going to be the same as android version as we will just be using an emulator thus they are as following:-

  • Learn the basic Frame by Frame animation:- This app is very good for beginners as well as professional people as it makes animation a lot more easier as well as saving time, This app helps in frame by frame Animation where people can learn what adjustments need to be made in every frame to show a proper and aligned animation.
  • Use a custom canvas size:- be it 1920×1080 or any other resolution, you can choose it on your own.
  • Support Digital Pens:- Graphic pen or any other Digital pen, This app supports me all.
  • Add layers on your Animation:- You can easily add 3 layers in the free version and up to 10 on the pro version.
  • Add audio to your clips:- Add audios to make your animation look more appealing.
  • Share your animations online:- Share Animations with friends on Snapchat or instagram.

Steps to Download FlipaClip on PC:-

To download FlipaClip on PC Follow these steps :-

  1. Let’s start off by downloading an emulator for the PC.
  2. So today we will take the Genymotion emulator for downloading FlipaClip on PC.
  3. Download the Genymotion emulator from its official website.
  4. After that is done, open the google playstore from the emulator’s homepage.
  5. And then search for Flipaclip on the search bar.
  6. you will have to log-in from your Google account to access the play store.
  7. Now download Flipaclip and according to the speed of your internet it will be installed.
  8. And that’s it now run the app and enjoy it on your PC.

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