How to use Google Meet, Free video conferencing on PC



Google Meet:- Today we will be talking about an online application by which people can connect to each other via Video conferencing to attend meetings or conferences to a limit of over 250 people at once. And the name of the application that allows its users to do is the one and only the amazing Google meet !

This app is a video conferencing app that is offered by Google Inc. this app offers people to attend video meetings as well as conferences to a large group scale of people at once. The servers of Google meet are much more stable than any other application that is out there in the market. You can also google meet app download for pc with the use of an emulator.

The app also has the features that are the finest on its own :-

The Splendid Features of Google Meet :-

  1. An App That does not Charge:- The Meet app by Google is completely Free to use, and the app does not charge for even a single penny from its users as the app is free and exclusively amazing to use. And if you are a student then you don’t have to worry about paying here ever. as Universities handle the pro versions.
  2. An app that has no advertisements:- Since this app is owned by google, There are no annoying advertisements over here that can interrupt your work and meetings.

  1. An application that has dedicated servers:- The Meet App by google offers very amazing servers that are backed by Google that means no interruption will be there while having a conference or meeting.
  2. No sort of data breaching:- the data and content is very secured by google that means no data breaching can happen while having meetings with Google Meet.
  3. Most efficient Connectivity:- You can very easily connect to a server for meeting or any conference with either an invite link or by connecting by a pass-code.
  4. A very elegant and optimistic user interface:- The user interface of google meet has been designed for the ultimate user satisfaction and as we all know, Google delivers what it says.
  5. works with slow internet as well:- The app works with 3G internet very smoothly and with just 3 Mbps connection you can connect with 4 people over the internet.

Steps to use Google Meet on :-

The method is Using the Browser:-

  • Simply Open the website
  • And then Either join the meeting by the link or code of the room or create a new meeting
  • Note: be Logged in from your Google account to access this method.
  • now click on join the meeting, and you will be redirected to your Private meeting without any hassle.

User As well As Additional Information:-

Date of release 2017
Last date of being updated 21 May 2020
Current version 41.5.312123951
Interactive elements Users interact
Offered by:- Google Inc.

FAQ’s (facts and questions)

Q1. Is Google meeting a free to use application?

ans- Yes, This app is completely Free to use as it is well designed by Google Inc.

Q2. Can we also download this app via emulator?

Ans- Yes you can easily install any sort of emulator and also use it via emulator just like you can use this app on an android device.

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