2020 Best Forex Trading App: trading and investing on your Android or iPhone


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With mobile application such as smartphones and tablets, the best Forex trading applications are increasingly available. This is particularly useful when the foreign currency market plays an important role in everyday life in today’s interconnected world. It is a decentralized system in which financial institutions and corporations are able to exchange currencies. Forex trade produces an estimated $6.3 trillion a day, which is higher than other financial marches, according to reports from the Bank for International Settlements. Also, large international banks and companies, which trade and convert foreign currencies around the clock, through forex trading app iPhone and dominate it. 

International trade and investments are also underpinned by forex trading. Of example, if US businesses wish to import goods in Europe from one country, transactions in euros will most probably be needed. These companies can quickly and easily exchange dollars for euros via Forex. Forex trading is a lucrative investment opportunity as well as promoting trade between countries. Through buying and selling currencies every day, businesses and investors make billions. However, a great deal of experience and skills are required to make Forex trading work.

This is where forex trading platforms are introduced and this growing market activity is automated. In fact, they are searching the best trading opportunities in the market. And I have chosen the best Forex trading platforms around in this article.

Best ways to exchange – on a glance 


Download and trade on Google Play NAGA’s free app for your Android Smartphone. Trade with a complete NAGA forex trading app for Android wherever, anywhere, and where ever. Purchase and sell any instrument, top-investors for auto copies, talk with its messenger from a single download!

  • Wide range of products for investment 
  • Get your Smartphone’s price alerts
  • Find other nearby traders-
  • Trade underway
  • Used worldwide


Why people picking NAGA?

There are seven hundred fifty plus instruments and equipment, like Commerce CFDs, Forex, Stocks, Crypto and/or pick any other market that you want. Its execution of real-time order stays on the high-speed order processing marketplace. It has Mobile and web browser too. You can trade online with NAGA’s iOS and Android mobile applications. Which is easy and free copy-commerce as well. Discover and copy the companies from the best investors on the board. You can find regular free news and signals. Get your NAGA Feeds and trading signals from selected providers to provide the latest market updates, and get your free and secure business. naga.com is a publicly listed, multi-billion FOSUN fund-backed fintech company.


  • An online network for forex trading
  • Forex Market Automated 
  • Completely regulated 

At present, you have both fixed and variable spreads and the company handles cancelation requests within a few minutes when you have completed a transaction. Nor do you have any problems with the app. You just need to register, upload your check documents and pass funds prior to the exchange. You need to do so.

In addition, the program can trading at millisecond rates. In other fields, you can collect daily feedback from the company’s market research department and make more educated decisions with a series of free trading instruments. You can use Windows , Mac, iOS and Android apps, and the company says 100% of your wallet accounts for up to $ 1,000.

Stock trainer

  • A forum for the exercise of international exchange 
  • App for Training 
  • Build investment experience 
  • Just Android


Stock Trainer by A-Life Software might be the foreshadow platform you need if you are tempted to invest in capital markets and financial resources, but have not yet trust in it. The app provides a real market data virtual stock trading environment, allowing you to gain expertise, knowledge and insight into the entire trade process. Better still, the app provides support for stop-losses and limit orders and is rather comprehensive with its functionality, covering 20 stock markets. There is the opportunity to build a portfolio. Data is available from the top winners and losers.

Investing news and a business journal are also given for supplementary guidance. There are also some user interface subjects for customizing the experience.

Think Trader

  • Analytical forex trading tool 
  • Tools for forex testing 
  • 160 markers of intelligence 
  • Secure Android and iOS apps 

When you are searching for an advanced forex trading and research tool, Think trader, formerly a Market Interceptor, needs to be tested. The best currencies and stocks for placing your funds can be easily identified and monitored via the website. It provides fourteen advanced types of map, along with 160 intelligence and drawing resources. While the app used to be only available on desktops, it eventually became available on mobile devices. There are apps for touch-based business management and split screen and quad-screen modes that allow you to keep your eyes focused at the same time on multiple markets. Like others, you use analytic tools, market data and price updates on any screen. The app is powered by the cloud. The quotes are available for all big markets, tokens, hints, precious metals and commodities. Furthermore, technical news from Asian, European and American markets can be obtained.

Meta trader

  • The famous forum for forex trading 
  • Different instruments of finance 
  • Charts interactive 
  • Tools and details 

MetaTrader is a popular retail investors’ trading platform that uses Android devices and allows you to trade your mobile device’s stocks, forex, futures, options and other financial instruments. The research refers to financial markets in general using a number of real time charts that include historical data to track price and quota. You can easily adjust the SL and TP values on charts and display trading details between different financial instruments. Charts with the pinch and zoom functions are also interactive. 

A variety of analytical tools, such as Gann, Elliott and Fibonacci, and current financial news are also included.

TD Ameritrade

  • One of the largest trading platforms in America for forex 
  • Good materials for education 
  • Perfect for startups 
  • Can only be difficult for Forex 

The TD Ameritrade offers a wide range of investment vehicles for trading and is one of America’s largest and most developed trading platforms for stocks and mutual shares. However, the focus is to try to educate forex traders so that they can raising their chances of losing money. This is done by means of its thinker swim platform, which supplies initial materials American Association for the Future that controls prospective brokers. The information is provided in a simple and concise way and highlights the threats to be taken into account.

So if you’ve got a new money market, you ‘d be more prepared and easily exchanged, rather than running into risky levies that can rapidly cost you money, and not just trades, but risks with greater confidence. However, although this is a big benefit for TD ameritrade, it provides a wide variety of trading items, including inventories, futures and options. Thus, if you only want to concentrate on forex, the forex trading app can be sometimes nasty when compared to specialized forex trading platforms, especially when comparing monetary pairs.

Even so, it’s worthwhile to use the introductive and supporting materials and to broaden your Investment Strategy into another commodity if you want to be interested in more than currency trading.

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