Samsung Firmware Flashing Using Odin



Flashing Samsung is very easy, but without knowing certain rules, you can get a great nut-cracker smartphone! To avoid this, this article is devoted to flashing the phone through Odin!

Odin Samsung firmware – Rules

  • The first rule is to flash only with a charged battery on the smartphone and uninterrupted power on the computer.
  • The second rule is not to pull out the USB cable during Android firmware.
  • The third rule, the USB cable should be original and intact. In recent years, it is very important to use exactly the USB cable that came with the phone, since when using non-original ones, it is possible to break the device!
  • The fourth rule, the path to the firmware should not contain Russian-language folders (C: folder wrong, C: or C: Samsung – right).

There are firmware

Single – file  – consist of one firmware file;

Two- Three- Four- Five-file  (multi-file) – consist of more than one file (firmware from service centers);

The firmware has the extension *tar or *tar.md5

Preparing For Firmware Installation:

Use the special utility that quickly downloads Samsung firmware to your computer – Samfirm. Or download the Samsung firmware Updates.

Samsung firmware regions

  • Firmware  SER – Russia and CIS
  • Firmware SEK – Ukraine and CIS
Other regions – CSC

Transfer to firmware mode (Downloading)

After installing the drivers and downloading the firmware, you must put Samsung in the firmware mode (bootloader or boot):

For flagship smartphones (S8, S9, S10, S20)

To do this, turn off the device and perform the following steps:

1. Hold and hold the dedicated “Bixby” and “Volume Down” + “Power” buttons.

2. After the information appears on the screen that the smartphone is in the “Download” mode, release all the buttons.

3. Press the Volume Up button once.

For other Samsung smartphones and tablets:

Turn off the smartphone/tablet and hold down the “Volume Down” + “Center Button” + “On / Off” button.

we get such a menu, release the buttons and press the “Volume Up” button.

For older smartphones (until mid-2011):

transfer to Download mode for old Samsung
If you can’t switch to Download mode

2. Connect Android to the PC and wait for the drivers to install.

4. Launch Odin, a window should appear in the upper left corner that the device is connected:

5. Add firmware files to the Odin program.

6. Now we turn to the firmware process, more precisely how to configure everything correctly to work!


Samsung firmware in Odin:

Samsung single-file firmware and multi-file firmware are flashed in different ways!

If the firmware is Single File

Insert the firmware in the AP or PDA field (click on the button)

If the firmware is multi-file:

  • PIT file (if any)  in the  PIT  field (click on the button).
  • File  APBOOT_xxxxx.tar.md5 in the  BL or Bootloader field (click on the Bootloader button ).
  • File  CODE_xxxxx.tar.md5 in the AP or PDA  field  (click on the button).
  • File  MODEM_xxxxx.tar.md5 in the CP or PHONE  field  (click on the button).
  • File  CSC_xxxxx.tar.md5 in the  CSC  field (click on the button).
    • CSC – formats all user data.
    • HOME_CSC – user data remains untouched.
  • Do not change anything or check the boxes in the left corner (if this is not required):

    7. After selecting the firmware files, press the START button, and Android, which will last from 2x to 5 minutes. After which the message PASS or RESET appears, the firmware is installed and the smartphone will reboot (you can disconnect Samsung from the PC).

    This completes the firmware. Successfully flash you!

    Flashing kernels (boot.img, zImage), recovery files, and modems

    How to flash a modem?

    If you are told to flash the modem, then this means that you need to insert the modem file into the Phone field and flash it.

    How to flash the kernel or Recovery?

    If you are flashing a third-party kernel or Recovery and you have Android 5.XX or higher preinstalled, you need to make certain changes to the Android settings:

    1. Enable ” USB Debugging ” and there in the same settings enable “OEM Unlock”;
    2. Disable Samsung Remote Control;
    3. Flashing the kernel, kernel or CWM means that you need to insert the file into the AP or PDA field and flash it.

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