Why You Should Avoid Lifetime VPNs?



Usually, a lifetime subscription seems like a can’t miss a deal. This is generally because paying a one-time membership fee and never having to worry about it again looks like a terrific deal. On paper, this offer is enticing. However, the uncertainties that come with this lifetime membership by far overshadow the service of the VPN.

For instance, the meaning of the term lifetime membership in itself is confusing. The big question remains: is it the life of the subscriber, the company, or a set of years concealed in terms of service?

Such uncertainties have led to the dropping of these lifetime plans from the majority of the leading VPN providers https://diebestenvpn.at

Nonetheless, some of the VPN providers are still offering these life membership plans.

Why have these lifetime membership plans not survived the test of time and why you should avoid them.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get to it. Here we are going to discuss why you should avoid these lifetime membership plans at all costs. Although it may sound off to some, you should prevent the plan because:

  • Chances are you will not get your money’s worth.
  • Mostly the service will not be reliable.
  • In most cases, the company will shut you down before your demise.
  • There is a constant change in technology.

You will not get your money’s worth.

The price is usually higher than the yearly plans. However, what makes the deal enticing is that the price is not exaggerated; it is just reasonably higher. If you think of it, these deal does not make sense. This is why, in terms of economics, it is costly to run a VPN with servers in multiple locations worldwide. 

Some other factors that defeat this logic are:

  • There are upkeep fees.
  • Maintenance cost 
  • Upgrading security protocols, among other numerous and detailed factors to be taken care of.

After thinking and researching, I finally understood the logic behind these lifetime membership deals. I assume that these VPN providers who offer lifetime membership plans are going for the one time users. With these, I mean, the subscriber who rarely uses the VPN; those who use something once then forgets about it. 

Unreliable services

For most service-based operations, customer retention is one of the main focuses, if not the main focus. For instance, if today you were to call your internet service provider then inform them that you are not happy with their service and that you were planning to leave, it’s almost certain that:

  • They’ll offer you a better deal
  • Knock a few dollars off the price
  • Renew your service

These precautions are usually meant to lure not to go shopping for the competition.

Customer service is another retention tool that these VPN providers use. Once you encounter a problem, you can contact them at any time of the day or night and address your issue. Again, these are meant to keep you from shopping for the opposition.

Now here is the trap with the lifetime membership. There is no need for retention. Here is the catch, even if you choose to shop for the opposition, you will still not get a refund. These are purely beneficial to these VPN providers as once you leave, they have your money, and one less person is connecting to their servers.

Additionally, these providers offering lifetime subscriptions do not have the resources to increase or upgrade their servers. This is because there are no incoming funds to upgrade or improve the servers. So, the servers will be bogged down with users at some point, which will, in turn, make them slow down.

Shutting down before your demise

My main issue with these lifetime deal usually is, whose lifetime are we talking about? I can assure you, without any doubt, if you are aiming for a secure internet browsing until your demise, you are in for the disappointment of your life.

Some VPN providers offer these lifetime subscription deals at insanely low prices. Some even go for as little as $13. Come on; these prices are ridiculously low. For example, Dissemble VPN offered a lifetime subscription plan for the same amount of $13, and shortly afterward, the company closed the office without giving refunds. 

Constantly changing technology

With a lifetime membership, odds are you will be left behind in terms of technology. We all do not know what the future holds. We could all see a new technology that will make your lifetime VPN membership absolute. Also, odds are, your VPN provider will not spend tons of money upgrading their security protocols; instead, it would be easier for them to just close the office. 

With that now in mind, there are other better alternatives to the lifetime VPNs that will get the job done. If you are into long-term deals, you could check up some two or 3-years contracts with reputable companies here https://diebestenvpn.ch

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