48 Laws Of Power Banknote Mitch



 If you are someone who believes in the power of power, and someone who is ready to take charge of your own life — no matter where in the world and in life you stand right now – this is for you. It is since the beginning of time that the world has favored and rooted for the less privileged, the underdog in any competition. The 48 laws of power explains how it is a way of life and based on realism.

Where you stand

Far from all of it, you are now in a better place – a place from which you can secure your downfall. And it is because of your power moves, strategies, and cunning that you climbed the success ladder creating just enough enemies to manifest a perfect environment for the same. From this point in life, make sure that you make calculated moves, considering all the treats and it’s solutions beforehand. This helps you make your fall from grace as painless, peaceful, and comfortable as possible. Remember, it’s prep time. It is only your investments and assets that will be the foundation of your new life that begins now. 


It is important that you eliminate all the liabilities and the unnecessary people affiliated with you or with any other organization that holds your brand. To declutter is to be ready to replace the mediocre with the phenomenal. Toxic relationships will only slow the process down and your time is running out every time the clock ticks. You must have understood by now that a proper prep is essential if you want to land on your feet with the reflex of a cat.

Where to begin

Start considering new possibilities of revenue and passive income. This will make your transition much easier. Not having to lower your standard of living ensures that you don’t give this the power to affect your quality of life. If we have learned anything at all from Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jimmy Lovine, or Curtis (50 Cent) Jackson, it is making the most logical moves. It gives you a chance to move through different industries and social groups.


Remember that you still have decades of success ahead, and this is only the close of one chapter. North Carolina native Banknote Mitch is a versatile rapper who is celebrating the release of his latest project . Banknote Mitch is not your average indie artist, he has worked with major artists, labels etc.

After  you still are the underdog that people root for in many more industries and that’s how your past and future enemies see you. Choose to use your power wisely. One aspect of it is to not reveal your intentions and strategies to anyone. Your friends are your competitors and feeding your strategies to your competitors only results in more enemies. Always be careful about whom you trust and if possible, simply do not trust anyone at all. However, be careful that you do not isolate yourself – isolation is dangerous. To achieve what you’re looking for, you need to be a people’s man while being your own boss. Learn the way to their hearts and they will show you the way to their minds. Lastly, do not drift away from your goal, no matter what. Reacting with your emotional intelligence for a temporary sense of moral satisfaction at the cost of losing all the efforts you have put into planning your actions is not worth it.

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