New author Gabriel Comfort also known as Bonni3 is the ultimate role model for rising entrepreneurs!



It seems as if Bonni3 is the ultimate jack of all trades. Music Artist, Author and Entrepreneur. Seems like she can do it all! 

Who is Bonni3? 

Gabriel has recently just published her first book titledChristian Nicole Promotions-Creating A Brand. This ebook is a short guide to help entrepreneurs with simple yet effective information. It touches on what methods she used when she began her musical career as Bonni3 and her self proprietary career running Christian Nicole Promotions. She has been very consistent with her ventures within the music industry and digital marketing realms. She has also been featured recently on Medium.Not only has she released a book she has released an album titled Bonni3 No Clyde which is now on all major platforms ! As an entrepreneur she has made it very obvious she wasn’t always successful within her own business. She had to start at ground zero just like everyone has to. 

New releases 

Bonni3 will release 3 major singles this spring/summer “Scars” featuring Nicodemus Legatus, “Fallen” featuring Cammy Dee and “Hex” featuring Donnie Cutz. These collaborations are very versatile and show just how diverse she is with her music. Thus far she has worked with the famous Benji Filmz videographer on one of her videos with Rayleon titled Under Pressure and a recent visual shot at the famous Art Museum in Philadelphia where the famous scene with Rocky running up the stairs was shot. That song was a collaboration done with a Spanish trap artist “Grever Chile Demigod” called Okay. Bonni3 has been making pivotal progress with all of her ventures and is creating new content daily! Within the past year she signed a distribution deal with EQ Distribution who has artists such as Mariah Lynn, Nino Man, Tamika Harris and many other successful artists under their umbrella. Her goals are to create brand success so that she can continue to be an independent artist and pursue her entrepreneurship at her own pace. All in all Bonni3 is a key role model and needs to be a key woman role model for the youth. She works hard and plays hard while keeping her professionalism and being conservative. 

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