Michelangelo Azzariti: Travel Influencer and Photographer Experiences Chaos Due to Corona Virus



As a seasoned traveler with the passion of rendering services in the traveling industry, Michelangelo Azzariti is found amidst skies; flying with a crew to work on his commissioned projects. Traveling without photography is however boring for many. Likewise, Michelangelo adds value in influencing others to opt for the same. However, with the current epidemic situation all across the world, he could not carry on with what he does for living and inspiration – traveling.

Despite the fact that risk had always been engaged in traveling and photography, present day situation is far beyond taking a risk. It is something that puts you in a position of surety of getting affected. Therefore, with the given situation, Michelangelo decided to make a swift turn to passion and stay home as recommended by doctors and government.

How Epidemics Change World for Travel Influencers?

Since there is uncertainty all around, many businesses take a break and start working from home. When it comes to those who have to get out and work, they are the ones who are at a bigger loss. What keeps them moving is hopefulness and looking at the brighter side of the picture. Even doing so, it takes a toll after a few good motivational days. What keeps coming to them even at the so not good days is positive energy.

Michelangelo faced same; hopefulness with a tinge of frustration. But that is how it is and that is how everyone is these days. So, with the fall in economic stature of a particular industry, traveling also faced some bad times.

Why to Not Go Outside During Corona Virus?

How bad is the situation? Why should we stay indoors and keep on repeating certain acts? To what extent traveling industry is affected by this epidemic (Corona Virus)? All these questions are asked frequently for all the right reasons.

First thing first, this volatile period of uncertainty is prevalent to the extent that is scarier than one can thought! It started spreading in the last quarter of 2019 and sadly, is still spreading in May 2020. According to medics, it is important to keep on repeating certain acts. It includes washing of hands after every few hours, keeps a sanitizer close to you, and maintain social distances.

Being a travel enthusiast and influencer, Michelangelo had to be more careful than others. Reason being, he is the one who has to ensure his own as well as people’s safety. In this regard, officials and government have stopped flights and nobody is allowed to travel.

Also, tourism and traveling industry are literally reeling risks in the presence of coronavirus. According to the “World Travel and Tourism Council,” there would be more than fifty million jobs at risk. Hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies are laying off more than 50% of the workforce. With the melt-down of traveling and tourism industry, there are still some professional bloggers, photographers, travelers, and video producers who are completely thrown in frenzy. That is where Michelangelo has taken a decision of staying home and waiting for the right take to start influencing others again.

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