How Covid-19 has affected the gaming industry



The gaming world is always a favorite thing for the people as this entertainment hub gives you a variety of collections for all age groups in which people can easily categorize themselves and then enjoy their favorite gaming stuff with their friends and family. But one surprising factor which has been figured out during this lockdown and pandemic situation is a rapid shift of people towards the game. 

According to Branton from PC Game Haven the video gaming industry is up about 3x in many areas. People are buying games, systems, and gaming rigs/PCs so that they can game to their heart’s content as people look for more ways to entertain themselves beyond Netflix and other limited activities you can do at home.

In my view, this is somehow a good deal for those who are a daily office going person. So playing the games help them to utilize their time as well as through this at least they can replenish their mind and enjoy little moments along with their family and friends and interact with new people by making a new game team. 

As per the general articles, and my little bit of research effort, most demanding and frequent playing games which have been noticed in this COVID-19 pandemic situations are Fortnite, call of duty, PUBG, CS Go, duty mobile, and so on. These are the games that provide you an option of chatting, calling, and team makeup for the sake of enticing feel. 

Observing this interest, the WHO (world health organization) is also promoting this trend by joining the hand of the gaming industry and using #play apart together hashtag. The main vision of this hash tag is to encourage the people throughout the world to stay at their homes and keep their lives safe from any kind of medical or severe COVID infectious condition. 

To make it more appealing, for you, gaming hubs also introduced new online promotions, organizing events, and also offering online game rewards as well. 

To promote this trend during this quarantine, many well-known and reputable companies like Riot Games, YouTube gaming, Twitch, Zynga, Unity, Kabam, and Activision Blizzard also signed this campaign with WHO.

Despite this, another amazing thing is, each company has a million developers and streaming platforms that conduct competitions under the banner of UNO and WHO daily. 

On the other hand, just for the sake to increase this gaming culture more, dozens of games are offering the premium, big discounts, and free offers through which people are automatically getting attracted and installing it on their PCs and mobiles. 

According to the game developers and researchers, this has been revealed that due to this COVID-19, the gaming industry is undoubtedly enjoying a tremendous advantage and making millions and billions of profit without any asking. 

Final Words:

People have realized that staying connected through games is one of the best ways to keep in touch. It’s easy to have fun with several of your closest friends competing and people are especially finding this in video games.. There are great party games like Super Smash Bros and Jackbox as well as MOBA such as League of Legends, to arena games like Fortnite. Animal Crossing even recently broke some records, as it released during quarantine. 

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