Introduction to Dynamic 365 Customer Engagement




Dynamics 365’s inbuilt business intelligence ability gives you real information insights and assists you to make data-driven choices. Dynamics 365 also use Power BI and Al capabilities to give real-time data insights that help you make logical business choices.


Dynamics 365 CE is currently a part of the Power Platform. Primarily, the Power Platform is a web and mobile application development platform that uses the ability of Azure Cloud Services. All the Dynamics 365 CE first-party apps created utilizing a similar platform. Dynamics 365 CE not just give end-to-end solutions to improve your sales, manage your marketing activities adequately, and give a customized client service experience to your clients, but we can utilize its Power Platform capabilities to create customized apps that take into account your particular business needs. 


These apps can be utilized across different devices (such as mobiles, tablets, and desktops), which expands their user adaptability. 


The Power Platform incorporates the following three primary applications: 


Power Apps : Provides us with a visual designer so that we can design our apps utilizing rich PowerApps controls. We can likewise utilize this to link to different business applications. We can construct two types of apps in Power Apps. 


  • Power Automate: Helps us develop a plan so that we can automate our tasks. We can also link to various applications using hundreds of connectors in just a few clicks. 


  • Power BI: This is the next-generation business intelligence app that gives clients an interactive encounter so that they can get and share information insights over your association. 


While talking about Power Platform, some other significant terminologies I need to specify are CDM and Common Data Service (CDS). CDM is the place we can store our information in various common business entities. These business entities include common business entities, for example, record, contact, and lead opportunity, but, if required, we can make new custom entities and widen existing entities. 


Further, information that’s saved in these entities that can be shared with various applications. CDS permits us to store information in business entities based on the CDM. We can utilize cps to build an application in Power Apps. When creating an application in Power Apps, CDS assists us to set database, security, and business logic for our application.


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