Armonxx is making major moves in the music industry with “Night he raised hell” EP debut release!



Being Nearly a year since the self-proclaimed “King Of Roses” Dropped a project, on Halloween this is a Short written EP titled “ The Night He Raised Hell” a Executive produced tape by Multi-Gold LA Producer CashmoneyAP.

Who worked with the likes of NLE Choppa,Polo G,Ski Mask the Slumpgod, NBA Youngboy, Lil Baby, Rich The Kid, Stunna 4 Vegas just to name a few. The El Paso, Texas Rising star Armonxx, has Already Released the first single now available for streaming on Soundcloud titled “Stay Inside” which tackles the battling of Depression and fake friends/people around him.

It’s a very Self-Aware track and is the most self -aware record of all the records on the project. The 11th track of the ep presents 3 other Singles LAY Pt. 2, Dragons In The Zoo and Kill it & Record it. Geared towards revenge on the “non-believers” in his upbringing and the people now that propelled him to his music career.

This is a very Dark and heavy 808 driven, creepy Cutthroat and Ruthless Project, Using his “Alter ego” It’s Definitely unorthodox and unlike most records out today . In conclusion you will either hate it or love it wholeheartedly ,it’s reported that Armonxx has about 20 more records in the vault with Ap, they definitely have some type of weird,but magical chemistry and that chemistry is helping them create major hit records.

Armonxx has started gaining some major credibility within the music world being featured on major news publications. The CashmoneyAP collaboration alone is a huge deal. Armonxx is set to release many new projects within the near future, but has been focusing solely on branding his music and gaining more listeners both in the U.S and Internationally. He has the content and the quality so now it’s time to focus on solidifying a solid fan base and staying consistent with the publicity.

Make sure you keep up to date with Armonxx on his social media Armonxx Instagram. You can check out his latest project with the multi platinum producer CashmoneyAP here as well Armonxx Itunes. Stay tuned for new releases and all new content set to drop this year. Also all informational regards to future performances will be posted on his social media and google feed. He appreciates your support and will continue bringing his fans amazing new content !

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