Termites – a silent but deadly killer of your home


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Termites, small, wood-eating, and home destroying insects. They ruin the house in such silence that no one notices until it is too late to do anything other than pay for repairs or demolish the house. Every year, thousands of dollars’ worth properties are damaged, which is caused by termites.

Stopping the termites: 

It is very hard to spot termites anywhere around the house as they are normally underground and bore tunnels or passages within the deadwood. What they tend to attack is:

  • Structural timber frames.
  • The timber around doors and windows.
  • Skirting board and architraves.

It is very important to stop these wood heads from devouring your house inside out. But how to do it? It is often a question many ask but not that hard to answer. There are many amazing companies out there to do the task for you.

There are many methods and many types of termite barriers available in the market if you want one installed in your home.

The main types of barriers include physical and chemical.

The physical barrier: 

The physical termite barriers are used to stop termites from getting inside the wood. But if somehow they do get in, the advantage of a physical barrier is that it becomes obvious to the eye. The ground which your house is built upon is constantly changing, which is why this method can’t stop those thousands of persistent insects that can ruin your house, but it can alert you before they cause major damage.

This method is environmentally friendly and takes the form of steel meshes installed right under the concrete slab and has a termite blanket wrapped around the foundation.

The chemical barrier:

The chemical barriers further develop into two types, one in which termites’ repellents that deter termites from the house’s timber. This method can also have treatment of wood to make it inedible, included. The second type of chemical barrier is a non-repellant one. This method encourages the termite to a nest where termiticides. This certain type of termiticide disrupts the reproductive system of the colony. This ends up resulting in the extermination of the entire termite threat surrounding your neighborhood.

This type of chemical barrier requires regular upkeep as the termites can colonize again in the next season.

It is very much impossible to eradicate the threat all at once, as termites are wild insects and have thousands of species roaming about. They have an importance in the environment, as they break down the fallen dead leaves and dead wood around everywhere. This is very important for the circle of life. just how everything is designed with a purpose in the world, so are termites. No matter how annoying and blood boiling they are, they are still necessary for the ecosystem.

In other senses, it is better to include one of these barriers before the construction of the house as it helps better that way and can protect your house in amazing quality.

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